7 Oct

Take Our Survey Communications Careers in the Spotlight

Over the last several years of doing our annual Career & Salary Survey, we’ve learned quite a bit about how the communications industry breaks down in terms of job responsibilities and career opportunities. For example, last year’s survey results revealed that communications and collaboration has become more of a team effort, with responsibilities falling across a variety of IT disciplines ranging from PBX manager to network engineer, security analyst, application developer, contact center manager, and beyond.The continually diversifying roles is one of the things that makes this industry so interesting to follow. When I joined the No Jitter team just five years ago as an associate editor, there was no talk of digital transformation; yet now, not only do you hear about digital transformation efforts regularly, but there are entire IT teams dedicated to such projects, in some cases led by the newly emerging role of chief digital officer.Last year’s survey participants identified technologies and skills related to digital transformation as important for career advancement. In addition to digital transformation, the survey results suggested that communications professionals looking to differentiate themselves should consider boning up on technologies like communications integration, Internet of Things, speech interfaces, and artificial intelligence (AI).Put simply, there’s a lot of change going on in the communications space right now. Last year’s survey respondents called out IP networking, email, and communications APIs as among the most important to for IT professionals to understand in order to find success in their current jobs, but times they are a-changing. As the industry evolves, new technologies emerge, IT/communications roles shift, and the state of careers and salaries, as well as the opportunities for career advancement, transform right along with everything else.That’s why we’re hoping that, if you work for an enterprise organization, you will take a few minutes to participate in our 2018 Career & Salary Survey and keep us up to date on the changing factors that are impacting your career in enterprise communications and collaboration. Click here for the survey, and complete it by this Friday, November 16, for the chance to win one of three $100 gift cards. We’ll share the results on No Jitter, as per usual, so be sure to check back to this space for insights gleaned!Tags:News & ViewsCareer & SalarySurveydigital transformationIP networkingcommunicationsCareersNo Jitter ResearchTechnology Trends Articles You Might Like Enterprise Connect Research: 2018 Career & Salary Survey Beth Schultz December 12, 2018 A snapshot of your career in enterprise communications, from the skills you possess, your top job factors, and the salaries you earn 4 Imperatives for Enterprise IT Communication Managers Marty Parker June 11, 2019 With enterprise communications more dynamic than ever, you must adapt and lead to keep your organization competitive. Cisco Gives Certifications a Software Facelift Zeus Kerravala June 17, 2019 A new line of DevNet programs will verify core and advanced skills of Cisco platforms, applications, and APIs. Network Engineers: Time to Give Up Your Blankies Zeus Kerravala August 29, 2019 Following an SD-WAN user session at VMworld, sharing advice on why you need to embrace reskilling Don’t Surrender in the Fight for IT Talent Joyce Osenbaugh June 12, 2019 Combat the shortage by looking for your next hires in non-traditional places. Success_731.png See All in Careers »

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