20 Dec

Kittle buoys 49ers offense with another 100-yard performance despite groin injury

first_imgLOS ANGELES – Jimmy Garoppolo wrapped up another 49ers win with a nod to his favorite target, George Kittle.“George is an animal,” Garoppolo began. “He’s an interesting individual. I don’t know what he does on a daily basis. But you’ve just got to tip your hat to him.”Garoppolo just had to get the ball to Kittle on Sunday to get the offense going, a predictable scenario but one that fell in doubt when Kittle … Click here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device.last_img read more

12 Dec

Creative Inspiration: Subaru WRX STI vs Stick Bombs

first_imgIt’s popsicle sticks vs RC cars in Subaru’s awesome “WRX STI vs Stick Bombs” video.You may have seen “stick bombs” around the Internet but you’ve never seen them like this before. Below is the absolute best stick bomb video ever created.For those who don’t know, a stick bomb is created by overlapping popsicle sticks in such a way that when triggered makes them fly in the air. Marketing geniuses at Subaru saw this and decided that it would be a good idea to have a WRX model car race these stick bombs. The result is one of the most impressive and creative marketing stunts we’ve seen.Feel inspired to buy a Subaru?Behind the ScenesThe video was created in Japan by Subaru. Subaru stated that they used over 30,000 sticks to create the explosions and each time they would go off they would have to do it again. They also used over 25 GoPro’s to create the matrix-style pan. The whole video took about 3 days to shoot. For those into video production or advertising, you’ll want to check out this great behind the scenes video demonstrating how the spot was made. Enjoy!Have any tips for shooting stick bombs? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

16 Nov

How Good Is Mike Gundy With and Against Ranked Teams?

first_imgEarlier this week we started breaking down all 94 of Mike Gundy’s wins, and I asked you guys for different variations you wanted to see. One of the most common I saw was Gundy’s squads when ranked and against ranked teams. Cool. Let’s do it. I took these from CFB Reference which I believe uses AP ranking at the time of a given game. How does OSU fare?When Unranked: 39-26 (60%)When ranked in the top 25: 55-21 (72%)When ranked in the top 20: 46-18 (72%)When ranked in the top 15: 31-16 (66%)When ranked in the top 10: 16-8 (66%)When ranked in the top 5: 6-3 (66%)What about when playing ranked teams?When playing unranked teams: 77-19 (80%)When playing top 25 teams: 17-28 (38%)When playing top 15 teams: 9-24 (39%)When playing top 10 teams: 5-14 (26%)So … not very good. But a lot of those were in 2005-2007 when OSU still stunk. What about as a ranked team against other ranked teams?When OSU and opponent are ranked: 12-14 (46%)When OSU is top 20 and opponent is ranked: 12-13 (48%)When OSU is top 10 and opponent is ranked: 6-6 (50%)When OSU and opponent are both top 10: 2-4 (33%)What about home and away?When OSU is top 25 at home: 28-8 (78%)When OSU is top 25 on the road: 27-13 (68%)When OSU faces top 25 at home: 10-14 (42%)When OSU faces top 25 on road: 7-14 (33%)I suppose the ones that stick out are that OSU wins at just a 66 percent clip when ranked inside the top 15, 10 and 5. It seems like a top 10 team should be winning around 75 percent of the time (small sample size, I realize).Also the record against unranked teams is better than I would have thought given the first 2-3 years of Gundy’s tenure. The record against top 25 teams is worse than I thought it would be (and probably should be). I mean, 38 percent against top 25 teams? That’s not good.It seems like OSU is a solid top 25 team on the road too — nearly 70 percent even as a ranked squad is salty. The record against top 25 teams at home should be better though.All in all some fun July fodder to think about going into the season, and a good reference when OSU goes to TCU, Kansas State and OU in a few months.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more