18 Nov

Last year, tourism revenues grew by 10 percent, accounting for 19,6 percent of GDP

first_imgLast year’s record tourist season in 2017 is confirmed by the growth of tourism revenues, as well as an even higher share in GDP than in 2016.According to the Croatian National Bank (CNB), in 2017, revenues in tourism from foreign guests amounted to 9 billion and 493 million euros, which compared to 2016 (8 billion and 635 million euros), represents an increase of 10 percent, or 858 million euros. Also, the share of revenues from travel – tourism in total GDP in 2017 was 19,6 percent, which is an increase of 0,7 percentage points compared to 2016.”Along with a favorable external environment and the progress of structural reforms, tourism is one of the main generators of growth in the Croatian economy. Including domestic consumption, tourism revenues in 2017 exceeded 11 billion euros with a growth of 10 percent, which is the best indicator of how much Croatian tourism has progressed. This year, we expect almost a billion euros of investment, which will further improve our offer, and with the planned legislative changes and reform measures of this Government, I am sure that Croatian tourism will be even more successful in the future.” pointed out Tourism Minister Gary Cappelli.In the fourth quarter, ie during October, November and December 2017, revenues from tourism amounted to EUR 807 million, which is an increase of 733 percent compared to the same period last year (EUR 10 million), ie an increase of EUR 74 million. while tourism in total GDP amounted to 6,7 percent, which compared to the same period in 2016 represents an increase in the share of 0,3 percentage points.The problem is not in tourism, but in the poor state of the economy The share of tourism revenues of 19,6 percent of GDP shows the catastrophic economic situation in Croatia. Also, when one country is so dependent on one sector, and especially on tourism where there are factors that we cannot influence, a greater instability puts the whole country in big trouble and threatens its stability.It would be optimal if the share of tourism in GDP is a maximum of 5 percent, but the main problem is not tourism, as all other sectors are not at a much better level. Especially production and exports, which in addition to tourism (year-round) should be one of our main industries. The share of tourism in GDP in Croatia is by far the highest in Europe. For example, one Germany last year had a share of tourism in GDP of 1,1 percent, Italy 2,2 percent, France 1,9, Spain 4,7, Austria 4.9…But, again, this is not a problem of tourism, but of the bad situation in the country, ie all other economic sectors.last_img read more