2 Oct

UPDATE Cairns labs are reopened Jan 24 2013

Thursday, Jan. 24, 20139:00 a.m.All labs on the 400 and 500 levels of the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex are now open.The top floors of the Cairns Complex had been closed Wednesday after exhaust air systems froze.Facilities Management staff will continue to monitor the building’s systems throughout the day.Please watch this space for any status updates.UPDATE: Parts of Cairns Complex still closed due to frozen exhaust systems (Wed. Jan. 23)Wednesday, Jan. 23, 20131:46 p.m.The frozen exhaust air systems affecting the 400- and 500-level labs in the Cairns Complex are melting very slowly.It is now expected that these labs will remain closed for rest of today.Staff and students can go into labs to stabilize and/or check up on experiments, but must be accompanied by someone from Brock Campus Security or Facilities Management.This can be arranged by tracking down someone from Campus Security or Facilities Management who are roaming the halls of the Cairns Complex on a regular basis. Or by calling x3717 (until 4:30 p.m.) or x3200 (after hours) to arrange for a lab escort.Continue to monitor this site for updates.NOTICE: Extreme cold shuts down top-floor labs in Cairns Complex (Wed. Jan. 23)Wednesday, Jan. 23, 201310:19 a.m.Labs on the 400 and 500 levels of the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex have been closed until further notice because parts of the exhaust air systems in these areas have frozen.University staff is working to resolve the problem. These labs will remain closed until the exhaust air systems thaw out.Offices and common areas on the 500 and 400 levels are still open and accessible.Please monitor this site for updates. read more