13 Oct

Super Bowl Ads shy from politics and mind their manners

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – Peyton Manning takes a family to Universal Parks & Resorts. Chris Pratt works out to get in shape to tout Michelob Ultra. Bill Hader takes a break on set to snack on some Pringles.This year’s Super Bowl advertisers are minding their manners. They’re trying hard to steer clear of everything from politics to the #MeToo movement with lightly humorous ads that don’t offend.The goal is to capture the attention of the 111 million-plus viewers expected to tune in Sunday when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots. Thirty-second slots are going for more than $5 million for airtime alone.Last year, ads that tackled political issues fell flat, like an 84 Lumber ad about immigration. And some thought the recent Grammy Awards’ low ratings were because the show contained too many political moments, such as Hillary Clinton reading from the Trump biography “Fire and Fury.”People are in the mood for “political-free entertainment,” said Kim Whitler, a marketing professor at the University of Virginia.Several ads will be taking a light-humour approach with mostly male celebrities. PepsiCo brands Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice are showcased in two 30-second linked spots showing Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage in a lip-sync rap battle.In a Pringles ad , Bill Hader has a snack on set and introduces a made-up practice dubbed “flavour stacking,” in which he mixes and matches different Pringles varieties. M&Ms enlisted Danny DeVito to embody what happens when a red M&M becomes a person after wishing on a lucky penny.Keanu Reeves surfs on his motorcycle through the desert in an ad for Squarespace. Chris Elliott lives in a bio dome to tout avocados from Mexico, while “Stranger Things” star David Harbour shows up in Tide’s commercial.“They’re light hearted and good natured,” Whitler said. “That’s on target with the mood of the country.”“We’re exposed to so much constant negativity,” said Andy Goeler, a marketing executive at Bud Light. “Delivering something just light hearted and fun is the root at what beer is all about.” The brand’s two spots showcase a mythical kingdom a la “Game of Thrones” centred on Bud Light and the catchphrase “Dilly Dilly.”Amazon’s 90-second fourth-quarter ad stars a bevy of celebrities who sub for the voice of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant: singer Cardi B, actress Rebel Wilson, star chef Gordon Ramsey and even actor Anthony Hopkins putting a Hannibal Lector spin on things. Leading up to the halftime show, Pepsi’s ad references past celebrities who have appeared in Pepsi Super Bowl ads: Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Cindy Crawford and others.Nonetheless, two Super Bowl ads are bucking the trend and sidling up to political issues, however obliquely.Coca-Cola’s anthemic 60-second ad features varieties of Coke, from Coke Zero to the stevia-flavoured Coke Life, quaffed by women, men and a person who uses the “they” pronoun.“There’s a Coke for he, and she and her and me and them,” a voiceover states.Coca-Cola executives say the ad highlights the diversity the company has always used in its advertising, adding that they consulted African-American and LGBTQ groups among its own employees. A biracial couple and a person in a wheelchair also appear in the spot.“We want to celebrate all the people that make up the world,” Coca-Cola executive Brynn Bardacke said. “We don’t want to exclude anyone.”On the other hand, WeatherTech, which makes car mats and other interior car products, has a staunchly pro-American approach in its ad, which shows the construction of a factory that opened late last year.“At WeatherTech, we built our factory right here in America,” the ad’s text reads. “Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?”It’s the fifth year WeatherTech has advertised in the Super Bowl touting its all-American operations. Founder and CEO David MacNeil said his ad doesn’t have typical Super Bowl accoutrements — “no ponies, no puppies, no pretty girls” — but said it’s straight to the point about its message.“Isn’t it just logical to build your own factory in your own country so your own fellow citizens can have jobs?” he said. He said he doesn’t believe the ad might be divisive. “It wouldn’t occur to me that I could offend anyone by supporting my own country,” he said.While the majority of advertisers release their ads ahead of time to try to drum up publicity, there are some holdouts. Fiat Chrysler usually appears during the game without advance warning. Other advertisers that have remained mum about their plans so far include E-Trade and Monster Products.“It may be that advertisers with risky ads are waiting for the game, hoping to protect the surprise and break through the clutter,” said Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at Northwestern University.last_img read more

13 Oct

Analyst says shippers switching to CP Rail as CN Rail service deteriorates

first_imgService on Canadian National Railway Co. has deteriorated to the point that clients are switching their cargoes to rival Canadian Pacific Railway, Walter Spracklin, a financial analyst for RBC Dominion Securities, said Thursday.But a spokesman for the Montreal-based company said many of the short-term service problems are weather related and the company is investing capital to address other longer term concerns.Recent complaints about CN service by the CEO of energy services firm Halliburton, along with service disruptions on CN lines in areas such as the Port of Prince Rupert terminal in British Columbia, have raised questions among CN investors and caused “irreparable damage” to shipper relationships, Spracklin charged in a report.Spracklin said weekly performance numbers show CN’s train speeds are down 17 per cent year-over-year compared with nine per cent for the railway group, and “dwell” — the time trains spend stopped at a terminal — is up a “staggering” 43 per cent compared to the group’s nine per cent.“We highlight that CP has the capacity to handle the higher volume, and that they are negotiating new business away from CN — but on terms that are favourable to CP (to avoid experiencing similar “digestion issues”),” he wrote in the report.“We expect continued negative news flow on disruptions and disclosure of further customer shifts, which in our view will make CN’s premium valuation less appealing and as a result we expect further shifting from CN over to CP.”CN spokesman Patrick Waldron responded that winter weather in Western Canada has been so severe it forced CN to run shorter trains about 75 per cent of the time, which means more trains are needed for the same volumes.“This combined with increased volume levels across our business has resulted in congestion for all commodities and customers along our busy Chicago-to-Edmonton mainline corridor,” he said in an email.“We are working with our customers to manage all traffic and clear backlogs for all of customers in the coming weeks.”He said CN Rail is buying and leasing locomotives and hiring and training hundreds of new employees, adding CN’s $3.2-billion capital program in 2018 will address infrastructure pinch points and add capacity.Waldron didn’t address the question of whether the railway is losing customers to rival railways.Analyst Daniel Sherman of Edward Jones said in a report issued after the railway posted disappointing 2017 results that it appears to have expanded volume on its network beyond its capacity.“We anticipate that management will catch capacity up to demand as we move through 2018,” the report said.Follow @HealingSlowly on Twitter.Companies in this story (TSX:CNR, TSX:CP)last_img read more

8 Oct

SLPP and SLFP talks successful more talks next week

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) held formal talks today at the office of the Opposition Leader in Colombo.The talks were focused on forming a new broad alliance which will include the SLPP and the SLFP. SLFP General Secretary Dayasiri Jayasekera said that the talks held today were successful and more talks will take place next week. (Colombo Gazette)

3 Oct

Saskatchewans biggest union will fight unpaid days off for workers

Saskatchewan’s biggest union will fight unpaid days off for workers REGINA – Saskatchewan’s biggest union says a possible plan to force public servants to take unpaid time off won’t solve the province’s financial woes.Finance Minister Kevin Doherty has floated the idea as a way to help lower the province’s $1.2 billion deficit, saying each day off could save the province $11 million.But Bob Bymoen, head of the Saskatchewan Government Employees Union, said they will fight the move because it doesn’t address what he says is the province’s real problem — overspending.“Why would we believe him for one moment that the layoffs will stop because we take a day off without pay?” said Bymoen. “I don’t know why he thinks it’s OK to break that contract with the people of this province, but he can’t break a contract with a company in France.“In my heart, if I thought myself taking a day off without pay would save this province, I’d gladly take the day off but it’s like giving money to a cocaine addict — it won’t change anything because they haven’t even admitted that they’ve got a problem with how they’re spending money.”The sentiment was echoed by NDP MLA Warren McCall, who blames government fiscal mismanagement for the deficit.“This is a government that has built out administration and the top end of bureaucracy in healthcare, in education, while the frontlines have gone wanting,” he said.On Wednesday, Doherty said the government wants to ensure that workers are fairly compensated, but it also needs to hold costs steady “without a major impact to our public service.”Wage rollbacks, layoffs in health care and education and tax increases are also being considered.The government is trying to save money because of a big drop in revenue from oil and gas, potash and uranium. Tax revenue is also lower than forecast and crop insurance claims are up $250 million because of a late harvest.(CJME) by CJME, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 16, 2017 6:58 pm MDT Last Updated Feb 16, 2017 at 7:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

30 Sep

Trent Richardson All Smiles About Colts Trade

Running back Trent Richardson, who was traded from the Cleveland Brown to Indianapolis Colts earlier this week, says he has no malice towards his former team for their decision. In a recent interview, Richardson focused on the excitement of being a Colts player.The 2012 No. 3 overall draft pick will now be on a team with all-star players such as Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne and up-and-coming receiver,  T.Y. Hilton, which is why Richardson may be so positive about the trade.“[The Colts] gave up a first-round pick. That shows a lot of respect they have for me,” said Richardson, who will wear No. 34 with the Colts. “Playing against these guys twice, just seeing how they are around each other when they’re on the sideline, how they’re jelling together, just being in the locker room for these couple hours, it’s been a big change. They’re happy to come to work, and they’re ready to go.”The Colts traded a first-round pick in the 2014 draft to get Richardson from Cleveland on Wednesday. Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson said he first approached the Browns about Richardson earlier in the week.“He loves football,” Grigson said about Richardson. “He has the right body type for his style as a runner, and his style fits this offense.”Richardson has 1,055 yards, 3.5 yards per carry, on 298 carries through his first 17 career games—a total of 11 touchdowns with the Browns. He also caught 58 passes for 418 yards and another TD. read more

29 Sep

The Thunder Werent Built For The Modern NBA

LeBron JamesSFCleveland136.3+1.4 Manu GinobiliSGSan Antonio5739.2+1.1 PJ TuckerSFPhoenix/Toronto3535.7+1.4 2016-17203726 Khris MiddletonSGMilwaukee3943.3+1.1 Jimmy ButlerSFChicago3036.7+2.2 Danny GreenSGSan Antonio4637.9+2.0 2013-14153039 James Ennis IIISFMemphis5037.2+1.4 Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder washed out of the playoffs Tuesday night in a 105-99 Game 5 loss, the last sigh of a frustrating 4-1 series loss to the Houston Rockets. The game followed a familiar script, with the Thunder rushing out to an early lead as Westbrook put a good and thorough thumping on the Rockets defense. But as the game wore on, Westbrook began to tire, the Houston defense began to tighten, and the OKC bench hemorrhaged an enormous number of points. As the Rockets pulled away, the Thunder had no means to make up that ground, because the Thunder cannot shoot.Oklahoma City’s glaring lack of shooting is nothing new. The team shot just 31.1 percent from 3 in the series, and that’s humiliating, sure, but it’s also not too far off of the Thunder’s regular season average of 32.7. Westbrook himself threw up brick after brick, going 13 for 49 from 3 (26.5 percent), many in the desperate fourth-quarter scrums that always seem to wrap up Oklahoma City’s games. But this paucity of reliable shooters isn’t simply because Kevin Durant left town over the summer and the team traded Serge Ibaka for Victor Oladipo; it’s the result of a yearslong failure of the Thunder to find perimeter players who fit the modern NBA landscape.For as long as there’s been an NBA analytics movement, the 3-and-D wing player has been one of the atomic units of the mathematically sound game. The role of perimeter defender and long-range specialist isn’t necessarily new. In the generation before Shane Battier was beatified by Michael Lewis in The New York Times Magazine, Bruce Bowen, Rick Fox and Doug Christie were manning the position, and before them, guys such as the Showtime Lakers’ Michael Cooper or the Bad Boy Pistons’ Joe Dumars filled the role. But now the 3-and-D guy is more in focus than ever. Which is why it might be a surprise that there are still relatively few players who fit the description.Over the last four seasons, the number of players who qualify1These cutoffs are somewhat arbitrary — they’re only meant to broadly capture the essence of the role — but if anything they stand to underestimate the number of players with the skills to perform roles other than 3-and-D. That’s because there’s a theoretically limitless number of players who fit the 3-and-D description, while rebound rate and assist rate are limited by the number of opportunities for a team, so the thresholds wouldn’t pick up a good rebounder like Steven Adams who yields rebounds to Westbrook, or a point guard such as the Spurs’ Patty Mills, who shares time with distributors like Kyle Anderson and Manu Ginobili. as a 3-and-D (hitting a breakeven 33 percent of their 3s and a defensive Real Plus/Minus of at least 12While playing at least 15 minutes per game in 20 or more games.) has lagged far behind the number of players who fit other traditional roles, such as the rebounding, defensive big man3Defensive RPM of at least 1 and a defensive rebounding percentage of at least 20 or the playmaking point guard.4Offensive RPM of at least 0 and an assist percentage of at least 20. Andre IguodalaSFGolden State936.2+1.8 The Thunder have had a lot more success finding big men — rebounding defenders like Steven Adams, or players to clean the offensive boards, like Enes Kanter — but such players are far more common than a prototypical 3-and-D guy, and even if they weren’t, a surplus of rebounding isn’t as viable as a surplus of shooting.Yet while there isn’t an abundance of shooter-defenders, they also aren’t impossible to find for a team that knows where to look. Yes, some like Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant and LeBron James are simply good at everything. And some, like Portland’s Al-Farouq Aminu, are lottery picks who end up as just role players. But the vast majority of the players who turn out to be 3-and-D studs come from the late-first or second round of the draft, meaning every team has a chance at drafting and developing them. Here are the 20 players who fit the bill this season: Luke BabbittSFMiami1641.4+1.2 Number of NBA players in key roles, by season Solomon HillSFNew Orleans2334.8+1.5 Rudy GaySFSacramento837.2+2.0 2015-16114728 DeMarre CarrollSFToronto2734.1+1.0 Al-Farouq AminuSFPortland833.0+3.2 The NBA’s 3-and-D wings, 2016-17 Jae CrowderSFBoston3439.8+1.4 Since the Thunder allowed Thabo Sefolosha to leave via sign-and-trade in 2014, the Thunder have struggled to find perimeter role players who can both shoot from distance and hold their own on defense. This season, Oladipo has taken on Ibaka and Durant’s spacing responsibilities (and beginning next year, much of their salary cap space) while being a worse shooter than either. In past seasons, the Thunder’s meek supporting cast could be somewhat attributed to the luxury of having Durant and Ibaka — both excellent spot-up shooters — which let the Thunder fill out the roster with more specialized (or, to put it less generously, more limited) players thanks to Durant and Westbrook’s versatility. But even that strategy eventually reached its limits late in games, when the Thunder offense would grind down to Durant holding the ball, surrounded by questionable-at-best shooters. And this season the issues have only intensified: The Thunder placed their man on the table above, sure, but only after replacing one of the best players in the league with a baseline role player.That’s because the few shooters the team has come up with in recent years have all been uniformly bad defenders. Teams can get away with having mediocre defenders who can shoot — think Kevin Love and Channing Frye on the Cavs — but not apocalyptically bad ones. In 2014-15 and 2015-16, the Thunder filled that role with Anthony Morrow, who was the functional counterweight to Andre Roberson, a superb defender who might as well be shooting with his eyes closed. Morrow shot 38.7 from 3 in 2015-16 for the Thunder but was one of the worst defenders in the league, with a defensive RPM of -3.05. This season’s Morrow is Alex Abrines, a 23-year-old out of Spain who shot 38.1 percent from 3 and made the opposing offense 4.3 points better when he was on the court. The maxim might be that a player only needs one elite skill to be useful to an NBA team, but the corollary is that he can’t be among the worst in the league at everything else to be useful to a playoff contender.These specific deficiencies showed themselves during those late-game panics against the Rockets. The Oklahoma City bench units have been lambasted for their startlingly bad numbers without Westbrook, and the shooters’ inability to play defense is a big reason why. The defense gave up 117.1 points per 100 possessions (-12.1 net) when Abrines shared the floor with Westbrook, and a shocking 147.1 points per 100 (-42.1) when he was paired with Jerami Grant, one of the Thunder’s other sort-of shooters off the bench.It’s clear that the Thunder roster cannot persist in its current state, and in the first season after losing a player like Durant, certain allowances ought to be made for holes in the team’s roster. But the persistent lack of shooting in Oklahoma City, and the persistent rostering of one-dimensional players in a league run by multidimensional lineups, is reason enough to question whether the problems facing the Thunder are ones the team is capable of overcoming. Data includes regular season games only. 3-and-D players hit 33 percent of their 3s and a defensive Real Plus/Minus of at least 1. Rebounding bigs had a defensive RPM of at least 1 and a defensive rebounding percentage of at least 20. Playmaker point guards had an offensive RPM of at least 0 and an assist percentage of at least 20.Sources: NBA.com, basketball-reference.com Kevin DurantSFGolden State237.5+1.4 NAMEPOSITIONTEAMDRAFT #3 POINT %DEFENSIVE REAL +/- Robert CovingtonSFPhiladelphia—33.3%+4.3 Trevor ArizaSFHouston4334.4+1.3 Victor OladipoSGOklahoma City236.1+1.6 SEASON3-AND-DREBOUNDING BIGPLAYMAKER PG Thabo SefoloshaSFAtlanta1334.2+2.4 2014-15184235 Patrick BeverleySGHouston4238.2+1.6 Data includes regular-season games only.Sources: basketball-reference.com, nba.com read more

25 Sep

Passengers face fraught Christmas as railways across Britain close for huge round

However, the scale of the work is likely to cause mayhem for millions of travellers trying to reach friends and family, The Times reported last night.Heathrow and Gatwick, the two busiest airports in Britain, will be closed to rail travellers or face significantly reduced services for periods of the Christmas break, while new track at Heathrow will mean no trains will travel between the airport and Paddington from Dec 23 until Boxing Day. The Great Western Railway to the South West will also be affected by the works, while work at London Victoria station will mean no Gatwick Express services to the airport from Sunday, Dec 23, until New Year’s Day. Passengers will be required to travel from London Bridge instead.Darren Shirley, chief executive of the Campaign for Better Transport, said: “All passengers should benefit from the improvements to the railways being made over the Christmas break, which should cut disruption and delays in the longer term. It will be frustrating for people travelling over Christmas that their plans will be altered. They should make alternative arrangements for their Christmas getaways now.” Trains on the West Coast Main Line, including those operated by Virgin Trains, London Northwestern, London Overground and the Caledonian Sleeper, will be affected by work at Euston from Christmas Eve to Dec 30.Trains to Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield will all be affected.The Great Eastern Main Line which serves Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk, will also be hit by work outside London Liverpool Street.A spokesperson for Network Rail, said: “Taking on and delivering these huge transformational schemes at this time of year minimises our impact on passengers who, so research shows, understand the need for such activity . . . We strongly advise passengers to plan ahead.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Commuters will be hit by one of the biggest Christmas and new year rail shutdowns, which is expected to partly cut off two of Britain’s busiest airports.Network Rail is reported to be planning 330 engineering projects between Christmas and new year, an increase of more than 30 per cent on last year. The works to upgrade the ageing system will affect services on major lines including the West Coast, Great Western, Great Eastern, the Midland Main Line and the main route into Merseyside.Network Rail has defended the works, saying the £148 million it is spending over the Christmas period will lead to a more reliable and efficient service for passengers.It added that Christmas was the best time to carry out the work because passenger numbers across the network were usually 50 per cent lower than normal. read more

22 Sep


← Previous Story SEHA Gazprom League with more teams and less matches in season 2018/2019 Next Story → RK Vardar win the fourth SEHA Gazprom league title Telekom Veszprem won the 27th Hungarian Cup by beating the biggest rival Pick Szeged 23:21 (11:10) in front of 4.500 fans in Debrecen.The hero of the night was Croatian goalkeeper Mirko Alilovic who has 16 saves in tota…MOL-PICK SZEGED-TELEKOM VESZPRÉM 21-23 (11-10)SZEGED: Sego, Sierra, Balogh 1, Bánhidi 3, Blazevic, Bodó 4, Gaber 1, Gonsalves 1, Kallman 2, Sigurmannsson 4 (4), Skube 2, Sostaric, Srsen 2, Zhitnikov 1, Zubai. Edző: Juan Carlos Pastor.VESZPRÉM: Alilovic, Mikler, Blagotinsek, Gajic 2, Ilic, Jamali, Lékai 6 (1), Manaskov 2, Marguc 1, Nagy 4, Nenadic 4, Schuch, Sulic 2, Terzic, Tonnesen 2, Ugalde. Edző: Ljubomir Vranjes. read more

22 Sep

Firefighters deliberately merge two blazes in Australia

first_imgWe are seeing positive results of these very deliberate, very targeted, very decisive strategies being deployed particularly in relation to backburning operations.The decision to merge the edges of the infernos near Lithgow and Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains is aimed at starving the fires of the fuel that would otherwise have allowed them to become the “mega-fire” authorities were fearing on Monday.‘Still a way to go’But while firefighters – 1,100 worked through the night, aided by 84 fire-bombing aircraft – have had “some extraordinary success”, Fitzsimmons warned “there’s still a way to go” with a storm moving towards the area bringing high winds but little rain.This translated to “very difficult, very dangerous fire behaviour and firefighting conditions”.“We have got now probably 24 hours before we see the worst of the weather starting to develop and build across all these fire ground areas,” the fire chief added, with strengthening winds and high temperatures expected on Wednesday.Forecast cooler weather is expected to make conditions more favourable from Thursday.While claiming some success, with the Lithgow area fire downgraded one notch to a “watch and act” from the highest level “emergency”, it continued to threaten properties near the township of Bell and other villages.“I plead with people don’t be complacent,” said Fitzsimmons.In addition to the fires west of Sydney, large tracts of the state remain at risk and under total fire bans.Wildfires are common in Australia’s summer months from December to February. But an unusually dry and warm winter and record spring temperatures has seen the 2013-14 fire season start early with warnings of a long, tough summer ahead.As debate rages in Australia on a possible link between the infernos and climate change, United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said wildfires are “absolutely” linked to global warming and increasingly intense heatwaves.She said Australia’s new Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s decision to repeal a carbon tax on emissions designed to combat climate change put in place by the previous government would come at a high price.“We are really already paying the price of carbon,” she said. “We are paying the price with wildfires, we are paying the price with droughts.”Data from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology show that 2013 is on track to become the country’s hottest year on record while last month was the hottest September ever recorded in the country.© AFPRead: More than 200 homes destroyed as wildfires threaten Sydney outskirtsRelated: Reports of looting as Australian wildfires rageExplainer: How do wildfires happen and why do they spread? FIREFIGHTERS IN AUSTRALIA have deliberately merged two major blazes in the southeast of the country in a desperate battle to manage the advancing infernos as weather conditions worsen.Crews made up largely of volunteers worked through the night along trails in heavily forested areas west of Sydney to try to prevent the fires becoming one out-of-control “mega-fire” that could race towards a third blaze nearby.Firefighters have been battling wildfires across the state of New South Wales since they flared in high winds and searing heat last week, with more than 200 homes destroyed so far and many others damaged.In the state’s worst fire emergency in almost 50 years, dozens of blazes have been extinguished or contained but 60 are still alight and 14 of them deemed out of control.The Blue Mountains, a popular tourist area, is the main focus of concerns owing to a huge fire in the Lithgow area with a perimeter of 314 kilometres.NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said the two fires were “deliberately and tactically joined” through backburning – a tactic aimed at creating firebreaks to control the path of blazes.“That is principally focused on trying to stop those two fires coming together and joining with the fire down at Springwood and Winmalee,” he said, referring to a blaze that razed 200 houses last week and which has flared again.last_img read more

22 Sep

This is what it is like to be a fiveyearold in Ireland

first_imgThe majority of parents reported that their children had adjusted well to school, with girls more positive about school than boys.One in four parents who availed of the free preschool year said they would not have been able to send their child to preschool had it not been for the scheme.Overall, parents tended to report high levels of positivity and low levels of conflict with their five-year-old.Economic strain in the household was associated with a greater risk of higher levels of such conflict.A child’s behavioural difficulties was linked to long periods of ‘screen-time’ (television, video games or on the internet).Children from less advantaged homes generally participated more in unstructured play, while those from more advantaged homes were more likely to attend a sports club or group on a regular basis.Higher maternal levels of educational achievement and higher household income were associated with less screen time spent by the child.There was a clear relationship between the amount of screen time and the BMI status of the 5 year olds.One in four of the children at five years of age was overweight or obese, but this dropped to one in five for the same group at age five.While welcoming the lack of conflict between children and parents, Fitzgerald said that the difficulty that families are reporting was being dealt with by the Government.“The difficulty being experienced by many families over recent years is clearly evident; the Government has rightly prioritised the continued support of children and families through a range of initiatives.”Read: What is it like being a child in Ireland today?Read: Revealed: the life of a 13-year-old growing up in Ireland THE FIRST SET of results from a report on the lives of Irish five-year-olds has found that one in four three-year-olds in the country is overweight, and that figure only drops to one fifth by the time they reach five.The latest report from the Growing Up In Ireland study also shows that a quarter of families with a five-year-old are struggling to make ends meet.The findings published today focus on children’s transition to school, socio-emotional well-being, physical well-being, play and diet, and family circumstance.The study also found that:last_img read more

21 Sep

The Green Party wants to give you 10c back for each plastic

first_img By Sean Murray Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Jun 17th 2017, 6:15 AM 15,499 Views EARLIER THIS WEEK, the Green Party launched the Waste Reduction Bill 2017 which proposes a new set of measures aimed at improving how Ireland recycles its waste.“We’ve been looking at this for years,” party leader Eamon Ryan told TheJournal.ie. “The way we do things now is just not working. It’s time we introduced something a little different.”The bill has two main aspects. One is introducing a recycling deposit scheme for plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans. The other is banning single-use, non-compostable plastics such as coffee cups.“Back in the day,” Ryan said, “you used to be able to bring back your glass bottles and get sixpence or something similar. We’re looking at doing the same here.”The proposals would see consumers able to avail of a 10c refund if they bring back their plastic bottle, glass bottle or can.This 10c charge would be levied on the cost of manufacture so the consumer should not bear this cost, Ryan said.The Green Party leader said that there are multiple advantages of such a system. According to the most recent Coastwatch survey, drinks container litter is the most widespread and frequent shore litter in Ireland.In other jurisdictions, such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland, that operate a despite scheme rates of recycling in these products are in the 90%+ range.The party also says that society would make a net gain through employment created by the scheme, reduced need for litter control and compliance with the appropriate EU directives to the tune of €67 million per year.“With a financial incentive, you get a much higher recycling rate,” Ryan said. “It’s all about being less wasteful and more careful with your use of resources.”No more cups Image: Shutterstock/Martina RoLi The other, slightly more radical, measure in the Bill would see the banning of all non-compostable cups from January 2020.In reality, this would mean that the vast majority of disposable coffee cups, for example, would be banned in three years’ time.The Green Party leader said that since most coffee cups are not recyclable, it creates a needless amount of waste.Ryan cited reports, such as the EPA’s Waste Packaging Statistics for 2013, only 40% of plastic packaging was recycled.Although this was ahead of European targets, the fact is that most of this plastic packaging goes to landfill.“When it comes to coffee cups, it’s possible to use a more environmentally-friendly alternative, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer,” Ryan said.The party now hopes to secure government approval for this “relatively simple bill”.Ryan said: “I think we can get it. I’ll be surprised if they don’t run with it actually. The amount of waste generated is intolerable. We need to start treating our environment properly. If we don’t, it’ll come back on all of us in the end. The government should be the ones taking the lead.Read: Recycling: ‘This can’t go on. I want refundable deposits on bottles and cans. It can be done’Read: Bin companies have started to charge for heavy bins without the government’s agreement Image: Shutterstock/Martina RoLi We launched our Waste Reduction Bill today. Banning non recycleable cups + a deposit refund scheme for bottles/cans. https://t.co/dlAAuE9YWu pic.twitter.com/UaVhKVzzAm— Eamon Ryan (@EamonRyan) June 15, 2017 53 Comments Saturday 17 Jun 2017, 6:15 AM Share3005 Tweet Email4 https://jrnl.ie/3445197 Source: Eamon Ryan/Twitter The Green Party wants to give you 10c back for each plastic bottle and can you recycle The party’s new Waste Reduction Bill 2017 also aims to ban non-recyclable coffee cups by 2020.last_img read more

20 Sep

Ash Williams for President

first_imgAsh For President is published by Dynamite Entertainment and is in stores now. <> This election season, things aren’t looking too good. As a result, a lot of people are on the fence. They’re looking for a strong, forward leader to lead the way. Someone who says what they mean, and who doesn’t waver in the face of adversity. While it may seem as if there is no candidate that fits the bill, there is hope. You can always vote… for Ash Williams!Ash is an everyman. Ash Williams is a simple man, who works in retail at the super chain, S-Mart. He has a degree in engineering but never made a career out of it. The other candidates may have years of experience in politics and the education, but WHO NEEDS IT? Ash doesn’t rely on book smarts to make it through life because he has his own common sense and ingenuity. Those other candidates may have the know-how, but can they fashion a chainsaw onto their bloody wrist, or fight off hordes of Deadites? The answer is most likely no!Ash And The Army Of Darkness #1 – Dynamite EntertainmentAsh is honest. Are you tired of shady politicians who can’t go ten minutes without contradicting themselves or telling the truth? You want someone who really tells it like it is. Look no further than Ash. He is always honest, even when it might do him better to keep his mouth shut. If this man would look his demonically-possessed-girlfriend in the face and tell her that she’s not looking too great, he clearly never shies away from honesty.Ash is tough. The man has faced literal armies of darkness, always coming out on the other end in one piece (as long as you don’t count his missing hand). Ash Williams isn’t just great a great killer of Deadites, he’s a great survivor.Ash is brave. Be it hundreds of Deadites or Freddy Krueger teaming up with Jason Voorhees, if there is a supernatural threat to the world, Ash Williams never backs down. If he can handle a bunch of murderers, who’s to say that he can’t fix our country? He can fend off any and all Kandarian threats, with no giant wall needed. He doesn’t have any problem with people, and he’s not trying to make things worse for anyone. There is never a question as to why Ash is punching something or blowing it away with his shotgun. He stands up to evil, especially when it inconveniences him.Army of Darkness vs. ReAnimator #2 – Dynamite EntertainmentAsh cares. Ash takes care of Ash, first and foremost. However, he’s pretty good at doing that, and beyond that will do whatever it takes to help out others. If it happens to help him out too, he’s not complaining.Ash is humble. Despite being an all around amazing individual, and a practically perfect human specimen, Ash Williams knows exactly who he is, and exactly what he is about. Even when he’s a hero amongst a medieval kingdom, he just wants to return to his own time and go back to his normal life.Ash is a born leader. He’s proven time and time again that when it comes down to it, he takes charge. I mean, he probably doesn’t WANT the job or any of the responsibility, but Ash has always had greatness thrust upon him.Army of Darkness: Deadite’s in Space #1 -Dynamite EntertainmentSo this year, vote your conscience. Vote for Ash/Boomstick 2016. Seriously, I don’t see anyone else fighting Freddy Krueger… and WINNING. This is absolutely NOT a paid advertisement of the Ash 2016 campaign.last_img read more

15 Sep

MiamiDade Police officer honored with service award

first_imgDORAL, FLA. (WSVN) – A longtime Miami-Dade Police officer received an award for his years of service.The department bestowed an Exceptional Service Award to Miami-Dade Police Officer Alvaro Zabaleta at a ceremony in Doral, Wednesday morning.The occasion was hosted by Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez, who gave Zabaleta the award in recognition of his 12 years of service.Zabaleta was also named “Officer of the Month” by the law enforcement agency back in December.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

14 Sep

Kenai Continues Work On Bluff Stabilization Project

first_imgThe project entails stabilizing approximately 5,000 feet of bluff on the north shore of the Kenai River starting at the creek near the mouth river and ending near Pacific Star Seafoods, just upriver from the senior center. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Army Corp of Engineers completed the feasibility study for the City of Kenai’s bluff erosion project on November 16. The project consists of constructing a berm about 5,000 feet long below the Kenai Bluffs toe. It is designed to prevent flood tides from washing away material that collects at the bluff toe and coastal storms from eroding the lower portion of the bluff. According to Kenai City Manager Paul Ostrander the next step in the process is the design phase. The Lower Kenai River has eroded the Kenai River bluff through the original town site of Kenai at an estimated rate of three feet per year, causing the loss of public and private infrastructure, buildings, and lands.last_img read more

5 Sep

BSE closes points 3471 up on Nov 20

first_imgBSE closes points 34.71 up on Nov 205K views00:00 / 00:00- 00:00:0000:00BSE closes points 34.71 up on Nov 205K viewsBusinessNew Delhi, Nov 20 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 34.71 points up to stand at 28,067.56. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 19.60 points up to stand at 8,401.90. BAJAJ HOLDINGS and INVESTMENT LTD. and GUJARAT GAS CO.LTD. were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 7.77% and 7.40% along with KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD. and ING VYSYA BANK LTD. with an increase of 7.28% and 7.15% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include RASOYA PROTEINS LTD and AMARA RAJA BATTERIES LTD with a decrease of 9.95% and 6.22% along with SHREE RENUKA SUGARS LTD and JAIPRAKASH ASSOCIATES LTD with a decrease of 5.68% and 5.22% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is down 84.35 points at 18,822.94 while the banking sector is up 74.11 points at 20,204.71 and the reality sector is down 25.00 points at 1,623.35. The Indian currency is up 0.06% at Rs 62.00 per dollar.Ventuno Web Player 4.50New Delhi, Nov 20 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 34.71 points up to stand at 28,067.56. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 19.60 points up to stand at 8,401.90. BAJAJ HOLDINGS and INVESTMENT LTD. and GUJARAT GAS CO.LTD. were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 7.77% and 7.40% along with KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD. and ING VYSYA BANK LTD. with an increase of 7.28% and 7.15% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include RASOYA PROTEINS LTD and AMARA RAJA BATTERIES LTD with a decrease of 9.95% and 6.22% along with SHREE RENUKA SUGARS LTD and JAIPRAKASH ASSOCIATES LTD with a decrease of 5.68% and 5.22% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is down 84.35 points at 18,822.94 while the banking sector is up 74.11 points at 20,204.71 and the reality sector is down 25.00 points at 1,623.35. The Indian currency is up 0.06% at Rs 62.00 per dollar.last_img read more

5 Sep

Vivo employees vandalise premises clash with security personnel after layoffs

first_imgVivo India under fire for sacking employeesFacebook/VivoIndiaChinese smartphone manufacturing firm Vivo has come under fire after it sacked about 20 employees on Tuesday, July 25. Following the layoffs, over 100 employees gathered at the brand’s Greater Noida manufacturing plant and protested against the company and even clashed with its security personnel.The employees of the organisation said that those sacked were not given prior notice and had no alternate jobs to fall back on. The employees were reportedly told to wind up after lunch as there was not enough work for them. There were also rumours that the firm was gearing up to lay off more number of employees after which the tensions are said to have escalated.”Believing the information, the employees stopped their work, and started gathering inside the premises. They soon started raising slogans against the company management. The officials tried to pacify them but they did not listen,” the Times of India quoted an official as saying.The protesting employees are said to have vandalised the Greater Noida office premises and broke some equipment. Some of them are also said to have stolen mobile phones. The Greater Noida police then had to step in and control the protest and six persons were arrested. The police are also going through the CCTV footages to identify others.”The police team conducted a search at the company premises and arrested six persons. The accused were produced in court and sent to judicial custody,” Nishank Sharma, CO II, Greater Noida, told the daily.Post the clash, the Vivo office remained closed on Wednesday, and the officials said that they were assessing the damage and carrying out maintenance and repair work.Meanwhile, speaking of the layoffs, Vivo India said that they were in tune with the company’s business decision. “We look at staffing the right size in various divisions to improve productivity. The layoff is in line with this business decision,” Vivo India told International Business Times India.  Vivo is here with on-screen fingerprint scanner smartphoneInternational Business Times, India | Kukil Bora”We have strictly adhered to the rules and regulations and the contract, and are taking all the right measures to ensure a peaceful transition keeping their best interests in consideration.”Vivo has been doing well for itself in India. Apart from making a mark in the mobile phone market with an array of devices, it recently extended the title sponsorship contract with the Indian Premier League (IPL) by five years and has also acquired the rights of becoming the title sponsors of the Pro-Kabaddi League for five years. The deal is valued at Rs 300 crore.last_img read more

3 Sep

Pakistan sniff victory after removing Taylor

first_imgPakistani captain and wicketerkeeper Sarfraz Ahmed (2R) and teammates make an appeal against New Zealand batsman BJ Watling (C) during the fourth day of the second Test cricket match between Pakistan and New Zealand at the Dubai International Stadium in Dubai on 27 November, 2018. Photo: AFPSpinner Bilal Asif removed menacing Ross Taylor to bring Pakistan within six wickets of a series-levelling victory in the second Test in Dubai on Tuesday.Asif had Taylor caught off an uppish sweep for 82 before New Zealand reached 222-4 at lunch on the fourth day, still needing 106 runs to avoid an innings defeat.At the break, Henry Nicholls, who successfully reviewed a second-ball leg-before decision on nought, was unbeaten on 31 with BJ Watling 16 not out.New Zealand lead the three-match series 1-0 after winning the first Test by four runs in Abu Dhabi.Taylor smashed seven boundaries and a six during his aggressive 128-ball knock and added a valuable 80 runs for the third wicket with Tom Latham who fell for 50.New Zealand were forced to follow-on after superb bowling by leg-spinner Yasir Shah, who took 8-41 to dismiss them for a paltry 90 on Monday.Resuming at 131-2 Taylor smashed medium pacer Hasan Ali’s first ball of the day to cover boundary to reach his 29th half century in Tests.Before this knock Taylor had managed just 21 runs in the three innings of this series.Latham completed his 15th Test fifty with a single but was caught behind off Hasan after Paul Reiffel consulted television umpire Ian Gould for a fair catch.Latham hit four boundaries.last_img read more

31 Aug

Why casual sex is not so cool

first_imgDoes a one-night stand or romping without any commitment or emotional involvement sound interesting to you? If yes, please beware. Researchers have found that a liking for casual sex may land you in trouble.The researchers found that a person’s preference for casual sex may actually increase their risk of being harassed.Also, adolescents who have been sexually harassed are more strongly inclined to have casual sex than others, the findings showed. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe results might give the impression that it is the victim’s fault for being harassed, but the researchers said their findings were not intended to “blame the victim”.”Absolutely not! We’re trying to understand the psychological mechanisms that underlie harassment,” said Mons Bendixen, Associate Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. It might be that a preference for casual sex results in more sexual solicitations in general, including undesirable ones. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, also showed that adolescents who sexually harass others have had casual sex more often than those who do not harass others. They also fantasise more about casual sex and find it more acceptable to have sex without any commitment or emotional closeness.The study included 1,326 heterosexual girls and boys with an average age of nearly 18 years. The psychologists only looked at non-physical forms of sexual harassment.Fully 60 per cent of the girls and boys in the survey reported that they had been sexually harassed in the last year. Around 30 per cent of the girls and 45 per cent of the boys admitted that they had sexually harassed someone one or more times.last_img read more

30 Aug

7 Novice Mistakes to Avoid When Adopting Smart Devices for Your Company

first_img Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now 7 min read Enroll Now for Free It typically takes careful planning and execution to be successful when adopting any new technology. Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices are no different. The problem is that some of us typically get too enamored with the technology. We often fail to take into account the realities that our respective companies face.Hopping on to the IoT bandwagon without planning is a recipe for disaster. A study by Cisco revealed that only 26 percent of surveyed companies were successful with their IoT initiatives. Whether it is updating firmware, security vulnerabilities or simply not taking user experience into account, it is critical for companies to avoid common stupid mistakes when adopting IoT.Here are seven common pitfalls you should avoid now that IoT devices have infiltrated your office.1. Don’t be cheap.The market is now flooded with cheap IoT devices. On the upside, these low-cost devices lower the barriers to adoption. On the downside, they can also be security risks. These devices typically have few security features and minimal active support. These leave them vulnerable to malware and expose infrastructures to cyberattacks in case potential exploits are found in their software, which means that companies need to implement additional solutions in order to maintain control.“In IoT initiatives, organizations often don’t have control over the source and nature of the software and hardware being utilized by smart connected devices,” notes Ruggero Contu, a research director at Gartner. “We expect to see demand for tools and services aimed at improving discovery and asset management, software and hardware security assessment, and penetration testing.”These solutions can be costly, mind you, which is why Gartner predicts spending on IoT security to reach $3.1 billion in the next three years. Make sure you invest in devices that have essential security features such as user authentication, data protection, and upgradable firmware. Get devices from companies that have active support and development for their products. Take time to identify vendors that could provide you with longer-term support that cover the lifespan of the devices.Related: 25 Innovative IoT Companies and Products You Need to Know2. Overlooking alignment with business goals.You have to know why you’re starting an IoT project. What business goals do you intend to meet? Do you intend to reduce costs, gather more data, or automate processes? Knowing this would make it easier for you to match appropriate IoT solutions for what you seek to improve.Having a goal in mind also lets you avoid the trap of novelty. Are you installing Nest thermostats because it’s the cool thing to do or are you really keen on reducing energy costs? Just because everyone else is installing these devices doesn’t mean that you should also rush to do the same.Try to determine how these devices enhance your ability to deliver value to your internal and external customers. Your strategy should also consider extracting as much value from the effort. For example, the data from IoT devices should fuel business intelligence efforts.3. Overlooking the ongoing need for maintenance.Each device you integrate with your network is an additional endpoint that needs to be managed and secured. By adopting IoT at your company, you’re likely to see a spike in the number of devices connected to your network.“As our ownership of smart technology expands, there will become a moment in time when you will no longer have the instant knowledge of the devices in your home or office which could be used to expose critical vulnerabilities, breach your network or steal your identity,” notes Robert Brown, Cloud Management Suite’s director of services.Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies are now the standard for many organizations. These typically increase staff productivity by ensuring that they are connected and productive wherever they are. However, you must anticipate the addition of these devices to your infrastructure and consider them in your strategy.Evaluate how well-equipped your IT team is to manage additional devices. Invest in the proper tools and technologies that would help them be more efficient in maintaining your infrastructure.Related: 3 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Facing Small Businesses Right Now4. Ignoring security warnings.Many IoT devices claim to be user-friendly but sometimes this simplicity contributes to vulnerabilities. Many devices are left exposed to attacks just because users haven’t bothered properly configuring them.Check if you’ve done basic security checks like changing the default access to administration panels of devices. Most malware bots target devices that are left using default usernames and passwords. Are your devices running on the most up-to-date firmware and software? Patches must also be regularly deployed to ensure that recently-addressed vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed.Staff members’ own devices are also potential security weak points. Make sure you have measures and protocols that ensure that your data and network are secure especially when accessed through these devices.5. No contingencies.IoT devices rely on connectivity to function. But what happens when the Wi-Fi or the internet goes out? If you rely on being online all the time, then you’re inviting trouble. Check if your devices have the options to function offline and temporarily store data locally before resyncing to the cloud at a later time. This way, you will still be able to function without any loss of productivity and data even if you lose internet.“Despite all the advancements in technology, database, hardware, and software downtime are an expected aspect of doing business,” notes Matt Woodward, who serves as VP Digital Transformation at Rand Group. “The only way to mitigate the risk is to prepare and have the right technology in place to monitor, restore and restart.”In addition, you may also want to implement redundancies, backups and failover measures. Cloud backup solutions help not only to prevent data loss but for businesses to recover and become operational quickly in the event of downtime. Downtime is costly to any enterprise. If you’re not prepared to invest in these measures at the moment, then reconsider embarking on IoT altogether.Related: This Cloud-Based Data Service Makes the IoT Less WTF6. Forcing technology on people.Success of IoT projects also relies on how well staff can use the technology to achieve results. However, new technologies sometimes get forced on them. It’s important to have people of all levels buy into the effort.Educate your staff about how these new devices and measures will make them more productive. They must also be involved, or at least consulted, so that you’d be able to create an engaging working environment that truly delivers value for everyone.Users must also be educated on how to use the technology. Among the key reasons why technology adoption efforts fail is when users don’t know how to fully maximize these technologies. If your company has a permissive BYOD policy, staff members should be oriented in best practices for keeping their own devices secure.7. Failing to establish metrics.Performance of any project must be tracked for results. Many tend to complicate matters by considering too many factors when measuring how well their projects fare. Usually it is enough to use simple metrics that focus on the business goals you are aiming for.Metrics could focus on uptime (devices deployed vs. devices operational), deployment speed (how quickly were you able to deploy), cost vs. savings (in the case of energy management), productivity (faster movement of products from warehouse to shipping), and revenue (additional sales).It’s best to focus on small wins. Being too ambitious with your IoT projects could ultimately affect your effort’s chances of delivering value to your company. IoT initiatives often call for significant investments, so it is unwise to burn through your budget keeping your employees tied up just to include IoT devices and initiatives across business processes.Keep in mind that you will be spending resources on something that is as rapidly changing as technology. Being conservative while you test the waters can be a good thing. Consider delivering small wins first before going all-in with the technology. You can always build up on initial successes and integrate more of IoT into your organization. November 29, 2018 This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

11 Aug

About that depth… With Earl Watford and John Wetze

first_imgAbout that depth…With Earl Watford and John Wetzel now starting at right guard and left tackle, respectively, the Cardinals’ depth along the offensive line looks a little thin. Or, if not thin, inexperienced.The key reserves would appear to be rookies Cole Toner (guard), Evan Boehm (center) and swing lineman Taylor Boggs. All have earned solid reviews and offer potential. None are anywhere near proven.Boggs has appeared in seven NFL games, all with the Chicago Bears. Boehm has appeared in all eight games for the Cardinals this season, with minimal snaps on the line. Toner has yet to appear in an NFL game.Offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin, who works with the offensive line, shared some thoughts on the next men up along the line.“Kind of another swing guy, can’t play tackle but both guards and the center,” he said of Boggs. “Smart. Boggs had a pretty good chance probably to make the team until he got hurt. I don’t think he even played in a preaseason game. But smart guy, physical. Kind of another mini-A.Q. (Shipley).”As for Toner and Boehm, either one could be in line for the first significant action of their careers any point over the next eight games. Given the Cardinals’ record and the schedule that remains, they cannot really afford the defense to slip at all in the second half of the season. However, Peterson does not see it as a situation where the defense has to carry the team.“It takes all three phases to win ballgames,” he said. “Obviously if one phase is not playing up to its capability, obviously we have to pick up the slack. But we’re not looking to put the team on our back because we still have guys over on the offensive side that are capable of putting up points.“Carson (Palmer) coming off one of his best seasons yet, not having the season that the would hope for as of right now, but we still have the utmost confidence that those guys can get the job done.”Injury updateThe official injury report can be found here, and because Thursday was coordinators day, there was not much information given regarding players’ health.One nugget, however, came from Bettcher when talking about his team’s options in the slot as safety Tyrann Mathieu is dealing with a shoulder injury.“I think the guys that are going to be in there, guys that are taking reps this week — Ty’s health continues to get better and better,” he said. “I don’t comment on the injury report and all that stuff, but however that ends up being when we come to play on Sunday we’ll have full confidence in, whether it’s Ty or one of the other guys playing nickel that they’ll be prepared to get the job done.” Top Stories “The only way we are going to get to where we really want to be, and that’s winning games each week, we’ve got to work on our consistency defensively. Sure, I think if you’re a stats guy you love it, but all we want to do is win games. That’s what’s most important to us.”A deeper dive into the stats reveals the Cardinals’ 21 sacks are tied for eighth in the league, while their nine interceptions rank tied for fourth and their 13 forced fumbles are tied for third. Their six fumble recoveries place them in a tie for ninth.So, when looking for reasons why the Cardinals are 3-4-1, it is perhaps a little unfair to point a finger at the defense. Still, the Cardinals have not shut anyone out, and there have been instances where they have struggled to slow opposing offenses.Over the bye week, Bettcher and the defense took some time to watch film and reflect on the season’s first half, looking for areas they can improve.“Some of that we’ll keep in the room that we talked about, and some of the other stuff it just comes down to being on the same page,” he said of what they discovered. “And as we’ve gotten better defensively through the course of the season — because you can see a progression, and I’m sure everybody that’s watched us play can see a progression — as we have communicated better, we have played better, and that’s something that must continue for us defensively.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Follow Adam Green on Twitter “Cole, if he has to be called upon, he’s got to rise to the occasion, expectations won’t change — I’ll still be screaming and cursing,” Goodwin said. “And then Boehm, he’s been getting a little spot duty on kickoff returns, so he should be comfortable.“And the fortunate part, some of those early games that we had a huge lead, Boehm was able to get some snaps. So I don’t think when the lights come on and they hit the grass, I don’t think they’ll be shocked. I just think the speed of the game is probably a little bit faster than it is in the preseason, and the competition will be a little bit better because they’re not going against twos and threes in the fourth quarter now.”A fifth-round pick out of Harvard, Toner expressed confidence that both he and Boehm, a fourth-round choice out of Missouri, would be ready to play if asked. He is confident he would “rise to the occasion if the lights are on and I play.”That said, he understands there were and are things to learn.“The whole league is full of freaks,” he said of what his biggest adjustment has been in year one. “There’s not as many freaks, I guess, in the Ivy League. Meaning the size and speed that everyone has is much more. Everybody has secondary moves. If you stop one move, they’re going to have another move to counter that. You’ve just got to always be ready for that.” Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactcenter_img Bettcher added effort has not been a problem this season, as there have not been many downs where he thought the team needed to play harder.“Because our guys play passionate and they play hard, and that’s the most important thing about playing defensive football in the National Football League, you’ve got to play passionate and you’ve got to play hard,” he said. “And you’ve got to play smart, and that’s communication.”Cornerback Patrick Peterson echoed that sentiment, noting the emphasis going forward in the season’s second half is on making sure they are on the same page at all times.“And two, just make sure we’re playing with that passion and energy for 60 minutes and having fun,” he said. “Because when we do that for 60 minutes, we’re a tough defense to score on. We’re a tough team to beat when all three phases are on the same page.“So for the most part, as a defense, we have to make sure that our communication is at an all-time high, we have to make sure that we are playing with that passion and energy that we played with in those games that we won. If we can carry that over to the second half of the season for 32 quarters, because that’s what we have left in the regular season, I think we’ll be OK.” TEMPE, Ariz. — Did you know the Arizona Cardinals have the top ranked defense in the NFL?It’s true.At least, in terms of yards allowed, the Cardinals are at the top of the list, giving up an average of just 297 per game. For good measure, they are also tied for fourth in the league in points allowed, surrendering just 17.5 per outing.Good enough?“I think our guys have played some exceptional football, defensively, at times,” defensive coordinator James Bettcher said Thursday. “And I think we’ve played some defensive snaps that aren’t good enough. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Arizona Cardinals defensive back D.J. Swearinger (36) celebrates his defensive stop after Seattle Seahawks running back C.J. Prosise (22) falls short of a first down during the second half of a football game, Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) Comments   Share   last_img read more