2 Mar

Galactic Announces 3-Night Mardi Gras Run At Tipitina’s

first_imgOn the heels of their recently announced purchase of New Orleans’ legendary Tipitina’s nightclub, New Orleans-based funk outfit Galactic has announced a three-night run of shows over Mardi Gras, set to take place on March 1st, 2nd, and 4th at Tip’s.Galactic also has a new album on the way, Already Ready Already, due out on Friday, February 8th via Tchoup-Zilla Records.Produced by the band’s Robert Mercurio and Ben Ellman, Galactic’s 10th studio LP features guest appearances from Princess Shaw, Miss Charm Taylor, David Shaw, Nahko, Erica Falls, and Boyfriend. Already Ready Already sees Galactic taking a contemporary approach towards their own progressive sound, connecting elements of modern rhythms and electronic instrumentation.Luckily for fans, the recent recording sessions that yielded Already Ready Already generated enough material for another LP due later in 2019, one which Ellman described in a press release as “possibly more of a throwback thing,” but will almost certainly morph into something new and wonderful via Galactic’s evolutionary musical vision.Ellman also noted,I’ve never been able to put a label on what we do. I could say it’s funk or I could say it’s R&B or jazz or whatever else, but really, it’s all of that.Robert Mercurio added,It’s not that we’re always trying to push boundaries, but we definitely take influence from our hometown and try to do something new with it. We tour all around the world and we’re exposed to tons of elements that filter their way into our consciousness and come out through our music.Tickets for Galactic’s upcoming Mardi Gras run are now on sale here.For tickets and more information on Galactic’s upcoming tour and album, head to the band’s website here.last_img read more

2 Mar

Kung Fu Brings The Who Tribute Set To A “Smashing” End At Brooklyn Bowl [Videos]

first_imgKung Fu was at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City over the weekend for the latest stop on their ongoing 2019 winter tour. The five-piece band’s headlining performance on Saturday wasn’t just any typical show from the funk-fusion outfit. Their first set of the night was comprised of a mix of originals from their own catalog, while the second half of the show saw the band treat their New York fans to live interpretations of songs originally made famous by The Who.The night got off to a thrilling start courtesy of local power-jam outfit, Of Clocks and Clouds. The five-piece rock band, which typically performs as a quartet, took advantage of their busy Brooklyn Bowl debut by delivering a thrilling opening set.Kung Fu started the first of their own two sets with a performance of “Daddy D”, the funky opening track from their 2016 Joyride LP. Next up was “Cookie Monster”, followed by “Speed Bump Of Your Love” and “Chin Music”. The band continued into a two-song combination of “Pawtyn” into “Chop Suey”. Next up was a rendition of Dispatch‘s “Two Coins” featuring a surprise sit-in from Dispatch guitarist, Pete Francis. Francis would remain on stage to help them perform “Rubbermoon”, before the band sent fans into set-break with a rendition of “Samurai”.The tribute half of the show began with a lively rendition of “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, the climactic anthem from the classic rock band’s 1971 Who’s Next album. Next came “I Can’t Explain”, followed by the “Overture” into “It’s A Boy” combination from 1969′ Tommy. They continued into “Bargain”, another hard-hitting tune off of Who’s Next, before welcoming their second special guest of the evening. This time, they were joined by Pink Talking Fish keyboardist Richard James, who sat in with the band to help play on “Drowned”.Following the mid-set sit-in, Kung Fu continued with high-energy renditions of “Eminence Front”, “Baba O’Riley”, and “The Real Me”. The set came to a close with another two-song combo of “Pinball Wizard”, followed by “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. The band kept the Who covers going strong into the encore, which started with “Who Are You” and closed with “My Generation”. In the spirit of the night’s tribute performance, the band fittingly took to destroying a majority of their equipment at the climactic ending of “My Generation” in characteristic The Who fashion.Fans can watch the videos below to relive all the madness captured during the covers portion of Saturday’s show.Kung Fu – The Who Tribute Full Set – 2/9/2017[Video: Zak Radick]Kung Fu – “My Generation” [Side Stage] – 2/9/2019[Video: mwhite10280]The next scheduled performance as part of Kung Fu’s winter tour will take place at 8×10 in Baltimore on March 1st. Fans can head over to the band’s website for ticket info.Setlist: Kung Fu | Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY | 2/9/2019Set One: Daddy D, Cookie Monster, Speed Bump Of Your Love, Chin Music, Pawtyn > Chop Suey, Two Coins*, Rubbermoon*, SamuraiSet Two [Comprised entirely of The Who covers]: Won’t Get Fooled Again, I Can’t Explain, Overture > It’s A Boy > Bargain, Drowned^, Eminence Front, Baba O’Riley, The Real Me, Pinball Wizard > We’re Not Gonna Take itEncore: Who Are You, My GenerationShow Notes:* w/ Pete Francis^ w/ Richard James on guest keyslast_img read more

1 Mar

Men’s basketball readies for Cincinnati

first_imgThe Harvard men’s basketball team received a 12 seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament and will face 5th-seeded Cincinnati in the second round Thursday at 2:10 p.m. The game will be televised live on TNT from the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena in Spokane, Wash.Harvard, which earned its tournament bid by winning a fourth consecutive Ivy League title, will be making its third straight appearance in the Big Dance. Cincinnati earned an at-large berth to the tournament and will be making a fourth consecutive appearance.To read the full story.last_img read more

17 Jan

Healthy restaurant meals

first_imgBy Connie CrawleyUniversity of GeorgiaDo you eat out frequently? If so, you are probably eating more fat and calories than you realize. Many restaurant meals are filled with calories and fat. But heeding a few healthy strategies can make eating away from home less harmful to your health and waistline. Know what you want before you go in. If you walk in hungry, without any idea what you want to eat, you will be more likely to order high-fat and high-sugar food. Instead, either go online to view the menu or have the restaurant fax a menu to you before you arrive. Then decide what you plan to eat before you go. Order first so you will not be tempted by what your companions choose. Have it your way. Ask the person waiting on you how the food is prepared before you order it. Sometimes you can request that a menu item be prepared differently, like grilled instead of fried or without added salt. Often sauces and condiments like ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise can be omitted or at least served on the side so you can control the amount added. Some restaurants now allow a steamed vegetable or salad with low-calorie dressing to be substituted for fries, chips or coleslaw. Curb a ravenous appetite. You will eat less if you do not go to the restaurant too hungry. Eating a light snack like fruit, low-fat yogurt or a few crackers an hour before you arrive at the restaurant can help take the edge off your appetite. If you cannot do that, fill up with a glass of water, a broth-based soup or a salad before eating the rest of your meal. Share a meal. Many restaurants serve huge portions. Sharing a meal is a good way to save calories and money. Some restaurants will even divide a meal onto two plates if you ask them. Otherwise, ask for an extra plate. If you think it will not be enough, order soup or salad, too. If you are eating alone, take the extra food home or ask if a smaller portion is available. Fill the doggie bag before you eat. In fact, it will be easier to control your intake if you request that a take-home container be brought when the entrée arrives. Then you can divide the serving before you dig in. Add to a meal. Fruits and vegetables are often not plentiful on restaurant menus. You may want to supplement a meal, particularly if you order takeout. It is easy to add a shelf-stable box of milk, a piece of fruit, some sliced raw vegetables, a salad or a cup of vegetable soup from home. Pack a meal from home sometimes. Finally, consider not eating out as often. You can bring leftovers from home, a lower-calorie frozen entrée, a hearty soup or stew made previously in large quantities and frozen in smaller packages, salads or even a sweet or Irish potato that you pop in the microwave and top with low-fat shredded cheese, chili or mixed vegetables. Doing this will not only help you save calories and money, but will give you some time to enjoy a walk before your lunch break is over. (Connie Crawley is a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension nutritionist with UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences.)last_img read more

1 Jan

Vermont Yankee part of NEI video press releases

first_imgThe Nuclear Energy Institute has produced four video news releases that examine innovations that have been recognized with a Top Industry Practice award. The final video features the Entergy Vermont Yankee plant in Vernon. The video, “Robotic Inspectors,” highlights new inspection devices developed at the Vermont Yankee nuclear energy station to closely analyze the facility’s steam dryer. Entergy Nuclear employees at Vermont Yankee are recipients of the Maintenance Process Award for developing innovative tooling for the inspection of a boiling water reactor steam dryer. The steam dryer is located in the top of the reactor.Entergy Nuclear partnered with AREVA NP Inc. to develop two remotely operated inspection systems, one to inspect the outer diameter of the dryer and the other to inspect the inner diameter. The outer diameter innovation uses a rail-and-trolley system with a telescoping mast and camera to inspect all 213 welds and components. The inner diameter method uses an underwater crawler with a telescoping mast and camera to inspect all 253 welds and components.Advantages common to both inspection systems include: improved safety, higher inspection quality, greatly reduced radiation exposure and parallel inspection capability. An annual reduction of 3.6 person-rem of radiation exposure is expected along with a minimum $500,000 cost reduction per outage. The tooling is highly transferable. It was developed so it can be used on all makes and sizes of dryers, regardless of the rail configuration on the refuel floor. The new dryer inspection tools can be used for dryer inspections at all boiling water reactors.To download “Robotic Inspectors,” go to: http://www.nei.org/filefolder/Robotic_Inspectors.wmv(link is external). The news release describing the all of the award-winning TIP entries is available at:http://www.nei.org/newsandevents/newsreleases/omaha-public-power-distric…(link is external). All four videos are posted on NEI’s Web siteThe first video, “High Tech Stress Relief,” released on July 7, looked at the challenge of microscopic stress corrosion cracking in plant systems. Released on July 14, the second video, “Global Ties Boost Nuclear Plant Performance,” showcased an international exchange of best practices by Exelon Nuclear. And released on July 21, “The Secret Is Plastic” focused on the impressive new use of polyethylene piping at nuclear plants.One hundred and four nuclear power plants operating in 31 states supply one-fifth of the nation’s electricity, even though they constitute only 10 percent of installed electric generating capacity.Source: NEI. The Nuclear Energy Institute is the nuclear energy industry’s policy organization. This news release and additional information about nuclear energy are available at www.nei.org(link is external).last_img read more

1 Jan

PSB approves CVPS rate increase

first_imgAs requested by Central Vermont Public Service in November, the Vermont Public Service Board has authorized a 4.8 percent rate increase under the company’s alternative regulation plan.  The change will take effect with bills rendered on January 2. Even after the increase, the company’s rates will remain competitive with the major utilities in New England.  The bill for a residential customer who uses 500 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month will rise from $82.26 to $86.22.  By comparison, the same customer would pay as much as $114.03 elsewhere in New England, according to the Edison Electric Institute. The rate change is being driven by a variety of factors, which include new power contracts at competitive, yet slightly higher costs, and investments in its system to improve reliability for customers. Meanwhile, the rate impact was mitigated by a reduction in CVPS’ allowed return on equity, which will drop from 9.45 to 9.17 percent.last_img read more

20 Dec

Chilean Navy and Police Join Forces to Strengthen Port Security

first_imgCommissioner Luis Díaz Valencia, head of the San Antonio PDI Anti-Narcotics Brigade, stated Chile’s location makes it a narcotrafficking hub. “Due to our proximity to cocaine-producing countries, our nation’s ports are likely to be used for trafficking via this modus operandi.” Using the “parasite technique,” drugs are attached to a ship’s hull in a torpedo-type metal container, which is welded to the ship’s structure under the waterline. When security forces inspect a hull, they study each section of the vessel that is underwater following a procedure established by the United Nations. First, the captain of the ship is notified, then security forces study the ship’s plans to identify, in detail, the parts of the vessel that are underwater. Security forces then establish a dive plan. Joint operation The Chilean Navy’s Directorate General of Maritime Territory and Merchant Marines (DIRECTEMAR) is bolstering the nation’s fight against maritime drug trafficking with the support of the Investigations Police of Chile’s (PDI) Underwater Operations Team (EOS) by inspecting the hulls of international vessels arriving at domestic ports. Known as the “parasite technique”, the amount of narcotics attached to ships’ hulls has increased “because it allows drug trafficking organizations to safely transport drugs to ports around the world,” DIRECTEMAR Commander Zvonimir Yuras Cárdenas said. DIRECTEMAR’s Immediate Response Group (GRI) and the PDI EOS conducted their first joint inspection on April 22nd in the port of San Antonio, located 117 kilometers from the Chilean capital of Santiago. They searched the hull of the Western Baltic, a vessel out of Manila, Philippines, that was roughly 200 meters long and 10 meters in height. Organized crime groups hide drug loads inside big vessels like the Western Baltic that use the port of San Antonio. Naval and police forces selected the ship because it corresponded to a risk profile based on its journey prior to arriving at port. It reached Chile from the port of Callao, Peru, and had previously gone through a port in Costa Rica, which is another area prone to drug trafficking. By Dialogo June 08, 2016 In the case of the Western Baltic, a team of six Naval and police divers conducted the inspection in 45 minutes. They were supported by the Maritime Authority of San Antonio’s LSR “Arcángel” boats, a Zodiac, and equipment, including dry diving suits, and communication and underwater vision devices, as well as medical assistance. This preventive inspection was the first and will be the only action unveiled to the national media because the work involves classified information and aspects of the operation are confidential. When security forces find drugs, the narcotics must be photographed, videotaped, and measured so they can be presented as evidence in court. Currently, security forces are focusing preventive inspections in ports in the country’s central area before expanding into the northern area to “prevent Chilean ports from being the victims of criminal organizations,” Commissioner Díaz Valencia stated. Security forces did not find any drugs on the Western Baltic. However, “conducting these inspections is a deterrent strategy for criminal gangs because there are cooperation agreements between countries with whom all this intelligence information is shared to support combating trafficking at the global level,” Cmdr. Yuras explained. The last time security forces found drugs concealed using the parasite technique was in the port of San Antonio in 2010. An effective deterrent DIRECTEMAR, also known as the Maritime Police, uses its 11 technical directorates and regional government offices throughout the country to monitor maritime labor and vessels entering territorial waters. DIRECTEMAR and the PDI Anti-Narcotics Brigade, which will establish an annual inspection plan, are scheduled to inspect the hull of an international ship in June.last_img read more

19 Oct

Religious affairs minister to lobby Saudi Arabian government for bigger 2021 haj quota

first_imgHe explained that Saudi Arabia understood Indonesia’s situation since the latter was among countries with the largest number of haj pilgrims.Indonesia had initially planned to send 221,000 people for the annual haj. The Religious Affairs Ministry recorded that nearly 180,000 of the pilgrims had paid for their scheduled journeys.The Religious Affairs Ministry decided to cancel the 2020 haj because of the ongoing pandemic. Saudi Arabia’s indefinite suspension of haj and umrah (minor haj) trips also did not leave enough time for the government to prepare people’s visas and protection measures.Fachrul said the ministry would try to secure more seats for haj pilgrims from Indonesia, even though it may be difficult, as the quota was decided by the international Islamic Cooperation Organization. “However, we will try to provide additional seats for our haj pilgrims next year so they don’t have to wait any longer,” Fachrul said.(dpk)Topics : Indonesia will try to lobby the Saudi Arabian government for a larger haj quota for 2021 following this year’s decision to cancel the haj over COVID-19 concerns, Religious Affairs Minister Fachrul Razi said.“We will try our best to lobby them [the Saudi Arabian government] using various reasons,” Fachrul said on Tuesday as quoted by kompas.com.last_img read more

19 Oct

Closure of Sunda Wiwitan tomb violates human rights: Komnas HAM

first_imgBeka accused the Kuningan administration of violating Article 6 of Law No. 39/1999 on human rights, which states the government must uphold the rights of indigenous communities.Another document that guaranteed civil and political rights was Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he added.“Komnas HAM will follow up on the report by requesting information from all parties, conducting field monitoring and investigations and holding a dialogue with the relevant stakeholders,” Beka said.Furthermore, Komnas HAM called on the Kuningan administration to reopen the tomb and called on the central government to protect the constitutional rights of the Sunda Wiwitan community.The commission urged all parties to promote peaceful dialogue and asked the local police to prevent violence and expressions of hatred in the region, as well as act decisively on actions that went against the law.Topics : The recent closure of a tomb built by Sunda Wiwitan, an indigenous faith group in West Java, is a violation of human rights, the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) has said following reports by the group’s followers that the tomb was forcibly sealed off.Komnas HAM commissioner Beka Ulung Hapsara said the tomb’s closure conflicted with the principles of human rights contained in Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution, which guarantees freedom of worship.“It should be noted that every citizen has the right to adhere to [their own] beliefs as part of civil and political rights,” Beka said in a statement on Monday. Last week, the West Java administration closed off the Sunda Wiwitan tomb – built for the group’s elders in Cisantana village in Cigugur district, Kuningan regency – on the grounds that it was an unlicensed “monument”.Read also: Sunda Wiwitan claims human rights violation as govt closes off unlicensed tombSunda Wiwitan said it had applied for a building permit with the West Java Capital Investment and One-Stop Services Agency (DPMPTSP) earlier this month, but the application was rejected.Komnas HAM said the group had also proposed the establishment of the Akur Sunda Wiwitan Cigugur community to the Kuningan regent, but the request was rejected.last_img read more

6 Oct

Gold Coast auction results at John Henderson Professionals’ event

first_imgA large crowd gathered at the John Henderson Professionals Mermaid Beach Hot Summer Auction Event.JANUARY is no longer a quiet month for real estate on the Gold Coast, just ask the team at John Henderson Professionals Mermaid Beach.A crowd of more than 250 people crammed into Mermaid Beach Bowls Club last night to watch 15 from 22 properties sell under the hammer at the annual Hot Summer Auction Event.In total, more than $15 million of property was sold and principal Andrew Hendersen said his agents were negotiating potential deals on the remaining listings. “While we had ambitions of selling all 22 of the properties on the night, we had some outstanding results during the auction,’’ Mr Henderson said. “We had a terrific crowd turn up and the bidding for some of the properties was particularly intense.“The auction has kicked off 2017 very nicely.”The biggest sale of the night was for a commercial property at Ferry Street, Nerang. The property sold for $3.625 million after 36 bids from seven registered bidders.Five residential properties also sold for more than the magic $1 million mark.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home3 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor9 hours ago10 Cadence Ave, Mermaid Waters sold at auction for $1.2 million.Some of the sales on the night included:403/252 Hedges Avenue, Mermaid Beach — three bedrooms plus a study, on the fourth floor in Eddie Kornhauser’s hallmark Hedges 252 building. The apartment sold for $1.7 million.60 Honeyeater Drive, Burleigh Waters — a waterfront home with three bedrooms and a separate one bedroom guest retreat. The property sold for $855,000.10 Cadence Avenue, Mermaid Waters — a six bedroom waterfront home which sold for $1.2 million.29 Seaside Avenue, Mermaid Beach — an entire unit block comprising of three two-bedroom apartments. The property sold for $1.25 million.5/10 Dudley Street, Mermaid Beach — a two bedroom, two bathroom unit less than 100m from the beach which sold for $531,000.37 Atlantic Avenue, Mermaid Beach — a renovated three bedroom, two bathroom home which sold for $825,000.36/54 Hooker Boulevard, Mermaid Waters — a retro-styled two bedroom, two bathroom apartment which sold for $445,000.5/7 Britannia Avenue, Broadbeach — a three bedroom apartment which sold for $1.025 million.Mr Henderson said his team had set the tone for other large local auction events to follow including Lucy Cole Prestige Properties on Saturday and Ray White Surfers Paradise on Sunday.last_img read more