14 May

Ulloa: “ERTE? What worries us most are the workers”

first_imgLeo Ulloa has spoken about this difficult drink. “The captains are constantly talking to the club to try to reach an agreement. Players are most concerned about all workers being able to collect their full wages. because obviously they earn less than us, “explained the forward in an interview for the Argentine radio Cadena 3, where he reiterated the intention of the entire staff “to collaborate beyond the club entering ERTE so that the employees get their entire salary. “ On the table there would be various scenarios. The most optimistic would be based on a salary reduction that avoided the ERTE, although in the event that this finally the players were completed and the coaching staff would be willing to help the workers not lose money – they would only collect 70% of the contribution base from the State. For now the details are unknown and everything is in the air. “It is necessary to see with AFE how to reach an agreement. The club works as a company and depends a lot on television, as they do not have that income, it is normal that it is difficult to pay employees, “the attacker concluded. At the beginning of April, Rayo recognized that he was going to apply an ERTE as a consequence of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus and after LaLiga urged entities to do so “in case of force majeure”. Throughout these last two weeks, the franjirrojo club has been notifying its workers and those of the Foundation, the Rayo Femenino, quarry … However, it has not yet presented it. The reason? The staff and coaching staff are negotiating to try to safeguard the salaries of employees, the most vulnerable in such a situation. A petition also launched by the rayista clubs.last_img

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