14 May

The novel proposal of an Andalusian club for when competitions resume

first_imgIn that following season, this club generally proposes a competition divided into two phases and a final elimination round.Phase 1 would be divided into two groups with a single match between the teams, which saves time by ruling out a first and second lap; Y a phase 2 with three new groups, one in the fight for promotions and two for descents, here with round-trip matches that would end with final playoffs.The Club Atlético Central, which was born in August 2018 with the mission of becoming the third largest football entity in Seville, is currently chaired by Jaime Soto and Alberto Herrera, whose objective, in the medium term, is to professionalize all of its plots.This sports entity also takes advantage of its communiqué to “transmit a message of solidarity and sensitivity with all the leading players in the fight against the pandemic” and to “health personnel and all the forces and security forces of the State that are supporting the great burden of responsibility, work and courage to get out of this serious crisis as soon as possible. “ The Sevillian Club Atlético Central, of the Second Andalusian, has transferred to the Royal Andalusian Football Federation a novel proposal for a schedule for the development of the competition, alternative solution to the repercussion in the football sector of this health and economic crisis.This club, reports in a statement, believes in the viability of the proposal, with which It seeks “justice in the effort made by all the clubs affected by the interruption of the competition.”In the proposed schedule, which also transfers its viability for professional football, the days that remain to be disputed in all categories and divisions would be played for two and a half months from the date of resumption, which this club would set in late August, which would conclude in mid-November.At the end of this league championship Those teams that occupy the corresponding positions will ascend and descend and the 2019-20 season would end in this way.Later, the clubs would enjoy a month of rest and would have until mid-January to plan the next season, which would entail a new system of confrontations that would begin in mid-January 2021 and end in early June of that year..last_img

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