14 May

“The Belgian League? UEFA thinks, but health comes first”

first_imgWell, my team has told us no. In others it is being negotiated.What surprises you about Belgian football?In Primera we have seen the great level there is. Bruges in the Champions League left a good image and that can only be achieved with work and with good players. In Second everything is very close too. There is a lot of quality French player and it is a site that I recommend to young people as a transition to a First or Second in Spain. As I tell you, footballers are of a high level and many go to other great competitions.You have been head coach since 2014. Since then you have experience in Cyprus, England and Belgium …I see a constant evolution. In Cyprus I had good years with great experiences winning the League with APOEL making the best record in its history, in the Europa League we beat Athletic de Valverde and it was a unique memory. From there I went to Leeds United, where it was incredible. I also had special moments. When that stage was over, the Union convinced me quickly. The owner is the same as that of Brighton and the goal is to be in Belgium’s First in two years. It is a nice target.Would you like to go to Spain in the future?Of course. I have already been in contact with several teams. Many times they comment that I lack experience in Spain, but I always watch games and I have enough information. I think that betting on someone with experience abroad is also positive to see football from another perspective.By the way, how do you see Braithwate?He arrived in a situation where crack was not brought in to replace important players such as Luis Suárez or Dembelé. The few performances they have had were good, leaving glimpses of strength. He gives the team a different option with his back to goal. His great virtue is physical: he keeps the ball well, he is strong, he goes well upside down.Finally, what is the memory that you will never forget as a player?Saying one is impossible. Barça, Oviedo, Racing … there are many teams. But even from the negative I have taken positive things. In all of them I have had good things too. I remember that at Bochum I was a scorer in the 2002/2003 season and then at Hannover 96 I retired. Thomas Christiansen, former player of Barcelona, ​​Oviedo, Villarreal, Racing, among others, continues to face different challenges from the bench. After reaping good results in England and Cyprus, especially where he won the League of Records with APOEL, he has coached the Saint-Gilloise Union of the Belgian Second Division since June 2019. From a Danish father and a Spanish mother, he attends to AS to give us his vision of the possible decisions that can be made in the domestic championship.How do you experience everything that is happening there?What has come out that the Belgian competition will end is not yet 100%, but it is almost certain. On April 15 it will be confirmed if it really will be so. Next Wednesday they have to give the licenses for next year and there are several teams with problems to meet the minimum requirements to play. They want to clarify this first and then make the other decision. In Second there is Opening and Closing. The first match of that play-off has already been played and now the round is missing, which is where you decide who goes up. What does the club tell you?Let us prepare for the next season. In Belgium, players can go out running individually, and at least they can keep their shape a little longer. The team is very aware of us and that is always appreciated.Are there many ERTES?center_img If LaLiga were to end and Bruges were champions, would that be fair?The Belgian league is difficult to understand. In the First Division there is the last day to be played and then there is the play-off which is the first 6. For me the Bruges should be the champion. then the play-off that would not be played would be missing or, perhaps, later. Another different thing is the case of Barcelona who are on matchday 28 and it is not known if Madrid on the next matchday could overtake him.UEFA says it has to be played. Is this understood there?UEFA responded to this possible decision and they have the right to comment, but health is the most important thing and it is above any institution. Doctors say it wouldn’t be good to start the season right now. And in Spain and Italy I don’t even tell you. It would be irresponsible to start LaLiga prematurely. If you tell me that a vaccine is currently available that can give great results, perhaps the situation would be very different.Do you think that most leagues will end up acting like in Belgium?Yes, I think most of the leagues will act like in Belgium. It is assumed that in many countries the peak has not yet occurred and experts say that we have to be at home. We are playing with our lives and that is the most important thing. It’s easy to watch football from home without exposing yourself, but those who have to be at the foot of the canyon …last_img

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