12 Aug

Just Sayin’…Black NFL players owe Bill Nunn Jr. big time

first_imgULISH CARTERThe man who never played or coached football yet probably opened the door for more Blacks to play, coach and work in the front offices of NFL teams and Division I College football than anyone else is dead.Bill Nunn Jr., who worked for 22 years as a sports writer, sports editor, and managing editor of the National Edition of the Pittsburgh Courier and 45 years as a Steelers scout died May 7. He probably had a greater impact on Black players, coaches and front office personnel than any other individual, yet very few knew.Nunn like his father was a great athlete, but because Westinghouse High School at the time, would not allow its star basketball players to play football Nunn never played football because he was one of the greatest basketball players to ever play there. He later went to West Virginia State where his team was 26-0 his senior year.last_img

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