16 Aug

Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina reveals Plan and Programme for this Year

first_imgThe Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been determined to continue playing in the 2019/2020 season since the suspension of the competition in the BH Telecom Premier League from 14.03.2020 until today, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.All necessary activities, legal actions, procedures, UEFA recommendations and recommendations of the competent authorities have been taken, which are a precondition for the organization of matches at stadiums in our country.Fully aware of the competencies, the global situation and the daily changes in terms of mitigation of measures, a series of meetings of the Executive Board, meetings with clubs of the BH Telecom Premier League, meetings and written correspondence with relevant institutions were held with the desire to use the minimum conditions to continue the competition in the last possible and feasible date and that is on the weekend of 06.06.2020 or no later than 13.06.2020. All analyses have shown that the start of the competition after the weekend 13/14.06.2020 is not realistically feasible due to a number of objective reasons and the competition cannot be continued and realized in order to be completed by the prescribed deadline set by UEFA (02.08.2020).Decisions on the abolition of measures prohibiting the holding of sports competitions, which are still in force, should be made by the competent authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Considering the different information of the competent crisis headquarters through the media, different interpretations of the decisions made and the feasibility of mitigation of measures, the FF BH again sent written requests to the competent entity bodies on 26.06.2020, in order to obtain confirmation and permission to continue the competition and possibly implement its decisions.The answer to the letters we sent to the competent authorities has not arrived yet, so the FF BH does not have an official approval or permission to continue competing in leagues of all categories.When written decisions and answers on the status of measures on the circumstances of the coronavirus epidemic in our country are received, the FF BH Executive Board will act promptly and make an official decision on the continuation or termination of competitions organized under the auspices of the umbrella house of football in Bosnia and Herzegovina.last_img

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