11 Mar

Today, baidu big day, all blocked movie website

    this morning, many movie website owners surprise look outside, suddenly found himself has been disabled by 2-3 movie website all undone, although not included, but see hope. Don’t know this is surprising Baidu or to the old station amnesty.
http://s.baidu.com/s? Wd=site%3Abnb88.com& cl=3 
http://s.baidu.com/s wd=site%3Abb60.com& cl=3
http://s.baidu.com/s? Cl=3 
http://s.baidu.com/s; wd=site%3Avv33.com& wd=site%3Akan51.com& cl=3 
http://s.baidu.com/s? Wd= site%3A6good.com& cl=3 
http://s.baidu.com/s? Wd=site%3A77y8.com& cl=3 

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