17 Feb

Young women’s breast cancer four causes female health network

more and more young women suffering from breast cancer, from a medical point of view, the age of onset of breast cancer is indeed becoming younger, mainly due to changes in urban lifestyle.

a lot of Western cultural life was introduced into the domestic, pollution, environmental pollution, diet, psychological stress and hormone levels caused by other reasons of the change and some man-made factors have led to the risk of breast cancer in young women increased.

and 3 breast bed After the reform and opening up The statistics of the epidemiology of

induced by a hormone level changes

modern people face a lot of competition, the loss of the natural way of life. Such as people’s daily schedule is usually overtime at night; coffee, cigarettes, genetically modified food.

evoked three reasons: less late lactation

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breast cancer is more important factor is the mental stress.

induced four: breast products contain excessive hormone

, for women, less breastfeeding delayed marriage and childbearing is a disadvantage, but can not become a real risk factors of breast cancer risk, are still not very sure. This is not to advocate early marriage, childbearing women, but women should be, when to meet the family planning age, natural fertility.

after the birth of women, the breast will be with the proliferation, if not breast-feeding, on the one hand for the child’s health is negative, on the other hand for women’s natural circulation is also unfavorable. Breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.

induced two: mental stress is too large

breast products if they contain unhealthy or excessive hormones, the breast is certainly unfavorable.


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