17 Feb

Breast pruritus unusual care is a serious illness precursor health network

injury: the impact of an airbag in a car accident or the impact of a motion on the breast.


: and galactorrhea related galactorrhea nipple water, usually white color is clear liquid exudation.

2, the nipple and areola of simple color deepened, become dark brown or dark brown, and even found a small nodule formation, areolar glands formed around the protrusions, this check did not breast lesions. We should think of whether the patient has serious liver disease? This is because of the decline in liver function caused by liver disease, estrogen in the liver is not the normal out solution, resulting in the nipple and areola color deepened, the male with severe liver disease who appeared in the "spider", "cinnabar palm", such as a frog.

papilloma: a benign neoplasm of small size that is grown in a latex tube.

1, the nipple and areola color deepened, and surrounded by double nipple and areola itching, breast examination can be found in the bilateral or unilateral breast hyperplasia or cystic hyperplasia. The nipple and areola color deepened that estrogen levels increased as the target organ of breast lesions, is consistent with the law of occurrence.


breast swelling: breast swelling is one of the most common causes of nipple discharge.

Physiological changes of

cyst: a woman who is giving birth to a nipple is usually due to a cyst.

pathological changes:

3, due to the risk of a female ovarian benign tumor, the ovarian secretion of estrogen increases, can cause the nipple and areola color deepened, gland can appear around the many small nodules. Such patients should be treated as soon as possible in gynecology, identify the cause, timely treatment.

in addition to the normal physiological function of the breast, the cause of other nipple seepage may also be:

, 1 women after pregnancy, starting from the first trimester, the nipple and areola color can be deepened, changing from light red to dark brown, this change is mainly due to pregnancy after in vivo estrogen and progesterone increased, belongs to the normal physiological changes.

nipple discharge may be just a normal function of breast function. If that is the case, the nipple can solve the problem of water. To avoid the stimulation of the nipple, such as: often check nipple leakage. Because, in fact, the stimulation of the problem will continue to leak.

nipple discharge?

What is the

2, some women (more than 30 years of age -45), in the absence of pregnancy, nipple and areola color gradually deepened, from pink brown to dark brown, if the breast examination can be found no changes, but change the color of the female at the tip "a" the increased estrogen, perhaps over a period of time, because of its regulation, the estrogen level returned to normal, the nipple and areola color is normal, this is still a normal physiological changes.

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