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Eat kelp can prevent breast hyperplasia! ‘s health network

also known as kelp Laminaria, leaf like broadband, tip gradually narrow, generally 2 to 4 meters, width of 20 ~ 30 cm (at the bottom of the growth of kelp is small, long 1 ~ 2 meters, width of 15 ~ 20 cm). The edges of the leaves of kelp is thin and soft, wavy folds, leaf base and petiole to short columnar holdfast (rhizoid) is Tongti olive brown after drying, dark brown, dark brown, with white powder. Kelp known as "longevity food", "sea of vegetables" and "iodine champion" in the world, from the nutritional value, is a kind of health care food.

Analysis on nutritional value of Laminaria japonica

kelp is rich in carbohydrates, less protein and fat.

kelp and spinach, rape, in addition to containing vitamin C, the crude protein, sugar, calcium, iron content are higher than several times to several times.

kelp is a high iodine content of algae. Kelp iodine content 3% ~ 5%, up to 7% ~ 10% more.

Effect of

on disease and health

Rime like white — often attached to mannitol Laminaria

, it is a kind of precious medicinal material. Modern scientific research shows that mannitol can reduce blood pressure, diuresis and detumescence.

kelp contains a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA, can reduce blood viscosity, reduce vascular sclerosis. Therefore, eat kelp can prevent cardiovascular disease.

kelp is rich in iodine, which is the main raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine, and the hair is due to the role of the body of the thyroid gland to form a role. Iodine can stimulate the pituitary, estrogen levels in women to reduce, restore the normal function of the ovary, correct endocrine disorders, eliminate the hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia.

kelp contains the colloid can promote the body of radioactive substances excreted in the stool, thereby reducing the accumulation of radioactive substances in the human body, but also reduce the incidence of radiation disease.

kelp is rich in calcium, can prevent the body of calcium deficiency.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "the kelp can cure gall disease (i.e. goiter) and other edema disease, phlegm, Sanjie function." In recent years, scientists have found that eating kelp has a role in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Fucoidan from kelp contains 60%

, is an excellent food fiber, diabetics, delayed gastric emptying and food through the small intestine, so, even in the case of the reduction in insulin secretion, blood glucose levels are not increased, and reached the purpose of treatment of diabetes.

(internship editor: Kuang Yanming)

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