17 Feb

Good bye 3 breast disease female health network

hyperplasia of mammary glands, also known as lobular hyperplasia of the breast, is a common female breast disease. Data show that the first time more than 30 years of age, never give birth, postpartum lactation, not abortion, sexual life such as lack of women, the incidence of breast hyperplasia. Thus, the relationship between lobular hyperplasia and sexual activity is very close.

in order to reduce the incidence of the disease, from the "sex" point of view, from the following aspects:

first, timely marriage.

to advocate late marriage and childbearing, but not too late. The best women married at the age of 28, 30 before the age of birth, birth late also negative eugenics. Because older women face more risk and unfavorable factors of fertility.

secondly, to do contraception.

because of 6 weeks of pregnancy, fetal villi secrete estrogen and progesterone stimulate breast hyperplasia. If the flow of people, the proliferation of breast tissue is not easy to shrink, it is difficult to restore the original state, which is easy to form lobular hyperplasia.

third, a regular sexual intercourse.

breast to women, not only is the organ, but also the sex organs. When sexual life, breast will change periodically in the excitement phase, breast venous congestion, breast enlargement, fullness of duration; areola nipple erection; hyperemia, orgasm, these changes have also reached the peak; after orgasm, areola congestion disappeared quickly, a quarter of an hour after the breast gradually increased restitution.

These responses to

breasts are a regulation of mammary function. If long-term lack of sexual activity, will be the lack of this physiological regulation, it is easy to induce lobular hyperplasia of breast and breast cancer. Therefore, the husband and wife should be regular sexual life.

(internship editor: He Lili)

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