17 Feb

Just 20 seconds of effective prevention of breast hyperplasia ‘s health network

female toilet can prevent breast massage breast hyperplasia

experts suggest that women can take advantage of the opportunity to go to the toilet, by the way the bra untied, hands clockwise, and then gently rub the breast. It takes only 20 seconds to get a good rest. Better do it once in the afternoon.

days of hot potatoes to eat more potassium

hot summer, no one will be "perspiration comes down like raindrops". With the sweat loss, in addition to water, there are essential for a healthy body of potassium.

days to prevent potassium deficiency, the safest and most effective way is to eat more potassium rich foods, mainly beans, vegetables, fruits, etc.. Beans in the highest content of soy beans, vegetables, potassium is the most spinach, potatoes, yams, celery, lettuce, etc., fruit, bananas, oranges, the highest potassium content.

in addition, summer perspiration, will increase the water soluble vitamins especially from vitamin C, so the summer people can eat some vitamin C, vitamin B rich foods. In general, when the body a lot of sweat or body temperature is too high, the water is best to supplement a small amount, multiple. The sodium supplement depends on how much sweat.

smoke smoke into the female lung cancer predisposing factors

in recent years, the incidence of lung cancer in women in Shanghai has increased year by year. In Shanghai, there are more than 9000 new cases of lung cancer each year, of which women account for about 1/3. Experts said that inhaled fumes, second-hand smoke is a cause of female lung cancer.

experts pointed out that the vast majority of women with lung cancer is adenocarcinoma, and do not smoke. 70% of the female patients had a family history, and about 30% were unknown. It is found that passive smoking, smoke fumes, automobile exhaust and harmful particles in the atmosphere may be the cause of the disease. Data show that China’s female lung cancer patients with five year survival rate of about 10%, compared with the difference in the number of foreign data by 5%.

experts recommend that women over the age of 40 can go to specialist hospitals every year, low-dose spiral CT screening, early detection of signs of cancer. If you are diagnosed with lung cancer, then you should go through molecular testing and diagnostic technology, "stereotypes" and then treatment, to avoid the best opportunity for blind treatment delay.

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