1 Aug

Simple to achieve the ultimate perfection, innovative way to success of the webmaster

people looking forward to enter the ranks of the webmaster, but once again entered the tomb as a maze, there are traps, everywhere is the crisis, whether it is in the tomb like Ghoul or move mountain people accidentally to hit the tomb, but very few like Wu provinces to beat all kinds of crisis! For Web site operators, in fact the success is also very small, and most of all kinds of crisis or in the website operation in the process of a contest, and the contest methods the webmaster is simple to achieve the ultimate, ultimate will achieve innovation! Here we come to the specific analysis of the owners of the road to success is how to go out!

: to learn to find the target to do, when you choose keywords in the website, you will find the website operation goal, this goal not too long, some people love to your own website localization into Chinese largest XXX, but to do this, we should put this the largest, divided into infinite small goal, then every day a little bit of time with you this day of days and months multiplying, a little bit of progress suddenly one day really has become the biggest China XXX


two: the executive power is the key, many webmaster for a long time doing the same thing very disgusted, think this is creative, but the site construction and operation of a lot of things are repeating the same things day in and day out, year after year, such as web content updates, the chain construction site and so on, a lot of people do not have good execution force, three days fishing nets two days of drying is the final victory and finally to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, the owners are mostly repeated as enjoyment, naturally formed their own execution


three: in the operation have a sense of innovation, a lot of the head of the executive power is very strong, but if you always do the same thing and different innovation, that we like the feudal society in 2000, in a short period of two hundred years which was overtaken by Western powers, it is our long-term to close the country to international intercourse. Finally led to his behind, if you are in operation site, every day to do Baidu search optimization guide on the matter, do not know how to break the barriers, so from the real success is still a long distance to go


four: analysis of yourself and others is to do something every day, you know every day through the analysis of progress in the analysis where others know their own weaknesses, the advantages of others where we can continue the analysis, then summed up their own gains and losses, to find a breakthrough in the direction of nature can win! In fact do compete with others and the march to war is not much difference, achieves guku million, a station that also all stand


five: let innovation has become the norm, this is one of the essential factors of the success of the webmaster, in fact, we constantly sum up the development process of the website the difficulties and defects, this is the best time for mining innovation, a breakthrough difficulty is a necessary stage in the process of Web site operators, such as the site has been ranked behind >

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