7 Aug

Through the pornographic door, Adsense days into more than 100 U. s.dollars!Financing cold alarm bel

in addition to the capital market into the winter period of this factor, the most important thing is that some Internet start-ups have become "show" show, only gimmicks, no real entrepreneurial projects. Boast that he will become the next "Ma" entrepreneurs, and constantly participate in various names of the Internet conference…… How long can such an Internet startup last?

in recent years, with the slump of traditional industries such as real estate, entrepreneurs have turned their attention to the internet. The influence of multiple factors in the "good Internet plus" concept popular, good policy support, investment market, Internet business increasingly popular trend. Not only is there a surge in the number of entrepreneurs, but also the total amount of financing. However, since the second half of 2015, the situation has plummeted.

original Internet business and entity entrepreneurship, need to continue to meet the difficulties, and strive to develop. But overnight flourishes Internet start-ups myth, so that Internet entrepreneurs become more and more impetuous. It seems that as long as the project has good gimmicks, marketing done in place, can become the founder of the next myth. This also makes many Internet entrepreneurs no longer firmly down to do business, but hopes will be placed on speculation, and one day will be able to become lucky.

previously, a "95, female, high school entrepreneurship, the two dimension label such as" 17 year old girl Wang Kaixin, the creation of the magic department to get two more than 15 million yuan of financing, the investor, including real time warp, envy of everyone. But in some time ago, "magic department evaporate" and "crazy layoffs" news, Wang Kai Xin the so-called adorable girl down from the moment. A design seems to be good "show", so it was stabbed, let a person sigh endlessly.

, and these "show" of the Internet business, has lost the spirit of the spirit of enterprise. And that would bring a fatal blow. Internet entrepreneurship will not only be a fault, but will also directly affect the emergence of groundbreaking Internet start-ups.

      "pornographic gate", making the entertainment sector has been restless, and the webmaster community is more restless. Webmaster in order to flow, in order to make money, have abandoned morality and other concepts. Now Firefox has a greater impact, Firefox has become the watch pornographic special browser, even you want to see the whole picture "must be" Firefox "online, can not see under" Firefox Firefox ", see pornographic essential"…………

however, in order to be able to expand visibility, access to financing, staged every day N roadshow, entrepreneurship competitions and other activities, become some Internet entrepreneurs favorite. And many entrepreneurs do not participate occasionally, but regularly participate in them. Just think, if most of the energy in this communication nature of the general assembly, competition, but also to the foundation of the project how much effect? More direct point, that is, speculation psychological mischief.

honesty is mutual, relying on such a means to make the union money, the alliance received. "Pornographic" this thing is popular in the entertainment industry, but look on "pornographic" to make money, life or honest point, you do not know this day into a hundred dollars to get the money, but I hope that we can get the money, after all, is not easy, but still see shlf1314, I hope you will not receive the letter K.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

look at these Firefox can be the majority of Adsense propaganda antivirus, and now good, was promoted to see "pornographic door" necessary tools. Now, as long as and "pornographic gate" related traffic station, even if he has only one page, then absolutely will go to promote Firefox. "Good hearted" people will recommend Firefox at the same time release all pictures downloaded, not good hearted, hey hey, just let you down Firefox, the other can ignore. More people go directly to sh419, Tianya and so on what the relevant picture download, actually let you under Firefox.

in the Internet business is still "show" at the same time, capital winter has quietly come. What can be trusted by investors is an entrepreneurial project with a bright future. From the current environment, the more entrepreneurial potential of the Internet, the more financing will be obtained. Holding speculative psychology, no steady foundation, it is difficult to get the favor of investors.

Firefox already because of the publicity of the webmaster, shlf1314 has changed a lot of policies, now see this situation will continue to change, maybe really like some news said, and finally the price dropped to 0.01.

currently rely on "pornographic door" to flow, recommended by Adsense, Firefox income is probably 2000IP, can be $100. So now a lot of Adsense miracles have been created, and many people have come in for over $100 a day.

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