7 Aug

At the time of the settlement, ah, said cheated!sh419 alliance favored vertical websites and autom

, through the green, gold and diamonds and other various levels of certification including 25 car car network, the super rabbit website and software, most of which are vertical sites. The figure is only a small part of sh419’s list of 15 Union partners announced on the outside world, and sh419 has adopted a very strict standard on its website rating.

"site certification measures I am very optimistic about sh419, sh419 alliance" has received "gold certification" love card network general manager Zhang Jingqiu said, "I hope some good website can get sh419 to focus, from traffic, business promotion and share on sh419 more support, so that we can better put on focus on the content of the construction of the website."

It is reported that the first batch of sh419

"vertical station" has been highly valued by sh419, mainly because of the vertical station content, professionalism and concentration of user groups are common sites can not be compared, and has great potential for development." Relevant industry experts said, vertical station of these characteristics in IT, automobile, financial site show particularly obvious, these industry sites also have the priority of sh419 certification strength.

      "in the first stage, sh419’s first web site will focus on vertical web sites." In response to a reporter’s inquiry, sh419 spokesman said.

event. My site advertising costs 150 yuan a day or so. Ah, that I do not fit the site, then ended with my cooperation. But before I give to the advertising expenses, then sent the following

dear * * *:

            in your login name for Ali Alliance: ********** e-mail will not write.

        after a comprehensive assessment, YAHOO bid to promote the party that your site is not suitable for bidding into 55% products, it was decided to terminate the cooperation into promotion on products with you in the 55% bidding. 55% bidding into products of termination of cooperation does not mean your code on the website or have any questions. Ali alliance will be paid as usual before the termination of cooperation into 55% bidding promotion expenses, and we will continue to cooperate with you in other products.

2007 08 Nov 17



sh419 relevant personnel said that the certification of the site, mainly in terms of green security, brand awareness, traffic, reputation and other angles to assess. In addition to sh419 will invest in human resources, the focus of the site to start a priority rating, some sites on the importance of certification will gradually strengthen awareness, and website construction to improve and improve. All of these factors will spread the scope of sh419 certified websites.

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