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Former Apple evangelist Gaye Kawasaki improve your site with joy265 on the shlf1314 search September


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allows customers and visitors to interact with stories of companies and teams. "If you let the whole world tell the story of the company, every minute of every day, you will strengthen your mission."."

when thinking about business success, happiness is not the first word that comes to mind. But Richard’s work place won Al Forde Sloan’s "Excellence Award" for its flexibility to add happy elements". Take a look at his suggestions to help your workplace become a place full of energy and excitement.

1, imagine happiness.

7, the eradication of fear.

no matter what you do for a living, design is always indispensable". Design can help you tell the story of the company, and also create a happy user experience for your brand.

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creating a sustainable, successful workplace is a challenge that every startup must face. Knowing what features the workplace has is only the first step. The software company Menlo Innovations CEO Richard – Sheridan Richard Sheridan in his book: "Happy Company mentioned how to create popular workplace": "our conception of happiness means we can not only extend and shrink, but also can ensure the manufacturing quality products, and maintain enterprise culture".

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starts by creating a company and workplace that you’re willing to work for. If you don’t try to start a happy company, you’ll never have to rely on luck to hit it.

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6, making a living by design.

Abstract the former Apple evangelist Gaye Kawasaki share to improve the ten methods work site.

3, promote communication.

2, creating communities.


Author: Gaye Kawasaki Guy Kawasaki, former Apple evangelist, international VC masters, best-selling author this article was originally published in LinkedIn

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an open working environment creates a natural opportunity for conversation. A culture of respect and inclusion of employees will promote innovation".

"fear is the biggest killer of happiness."". Unless the decision reflects management’s willingness, or your team would chicken.

good attitudes can spread. Contagious happiness moves from your employees to your customers until the whole community is happy.

1, the user registrations under the age of 3 months can not be audited;
2, Alexa ranking not approved in 100 thousand outside.

an employee should not be overly demanding by the enterprise so that he has no time to go on vacation or be on call at any time. It puts too much pressure on him and the organization as a whole.

4, telling stories.

5, each in his element.


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