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Tai Chi League happy bar, the implementation of sub hoursTwo years, the four round of five hundred m

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conference, zhangtong home founder and CEO to showcase the palm leaf Qian Ren mentality, through home advantage, the new version of product platform strategy, future strategic planning and platform of social value, win a strong response.

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in recent years, with the upgrading of demand, technology evolution and the resonance of favorable policies, the field of early childhood education has ushered in a new round of change opportunities. Rigid demand is very large, the market outlook of one hundred billion levels, making early childhood education market has become the major capital chasing the tuyere. Internet early childhood education leader palm home, the domestic top investment institutions optimistic about, and to two years, four rounds of five hundred million financing speed and scale to become "phenomenon level" event, swept the education sector, venture capital circle.

Ye Renqian said that he wanted to do zhangtong home for the simple reason that originated in his three years ago, children in kindergarten, he found that in many industries demand kindergarten parents are not satisfied, so he developed zhangtong home products. Today, China social development soon, everyone went to the big city, but the real pay little attention on children, everyone has a lot of APP mobile phone, but for your own child what APP? He hope you think zhangtong home exchange day teach children grow up, find the story so like Uncle Kai the contents of the evening, weekend family travel, can find good services and content, hope zhangtong home is the thought that the child will be able to think of it in the future.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

in recent years, this big cake of preschool education market has attracted the eyes of the investment market, and those products model innovation, technical strength, and the potential for a strong platform are particularly popular, such as palm home.

palm home, based on good products and perfect service system, has become the only platform to achieve profitability in the domestic home education platform, and expects revenue in 2017 will be close to 200 million. By the end of 2018, palm home will strive to achieve more than 100000 cooperation in preschool education

two years four round five hundred million, achievements industry financing legend

July 26, 2017, "let love accompany growth zhangtong home open platform and the Public Ecological Strategy Conference grand opening, once again raised public concern. The scene, large coffee industry, education experts and user representatives, partners and media guests have a joyous gathering, talk about the future of the industry.

respected stationmaster:

October 2015, zhangtong home to get it real fund, Qualcomm, and China through investment, the first Thai Jinxin B round billions of dollars of financing; March 2016, obtained by the New Oriental collar vote, Shoutai Jinxin with investment of 100 million yuan B+ round of financing; in November 2016, obtained by ChinaEquity investment company LED, China letter capital, investment capital with star the $200 million C round of financing; June 2017, Leroy, a cyber get run billion investment, joint investment of billions of dollars. Two years, four rounds of five hundred million financing, which fully confirms the capital market for palm home technology, products, teams and patterns of high recognition, saw its huge potential in the preschool market.

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