11 Aug

How to use the enterprise website optimization to Shanghai Dragon

told before, ask you a question! What is the business enterprise station station? What? Although this seemingly simple question, but I believe there is still a lot of people do not know what is the enterprise stand, the establishment of enterprise stand for what! Here by the author Zhou Xusheng to introduce several classification website;

products, long time not updated content;

contact to purchase products; ; Author Zhou Xusheng in



here to introduce today we want to tell businesses station;


forum website: Forum website is mainly to exchange site, such as the A5 forum, we can go to some of the problems mentioned above; and then we come to the exchange, will also have many webmaster to share the experience for everyone;

keyword index is low;

Advisory: consulting station is the main content, have countless news content, such as our A5 station network, belongs to an advisory station, it is we want information, some common problems about personal webmaster, marketing knowledge, can appear in the above it! Is the so-called consultation station;

All 2 of the website, the title

business website: mainly to sell things, such as Jingdong mall; it website is divided into B2C, B2B two, and now there is a new model, called O2O model; the author also is now the company’s O2O mode of operation of the company; the wine network;


, a business enterprise to establish the station generally refers to showcase the company’s image or the official website, to reflect the strength, beautiful atmosphere, professional; able to demonstrate the corporate culture and strength, and

1, the competition is relatively small; the


2 rivals, the level is limited, with low awareness of Shanghai dragon;

website standard >

two, enterprise stand some mistakes and advantages of common

: for example, 58 city classified information website, we can go to the above information, recruitment, rent, find a job, and some relatively clear classification information;

1, making use of flsh website;

if your business station appeared the problem, hope to be able to continue reading below me about the author; Zhou Xusheng says it is the essence of knowledge, absolutely useful, if you can do that, you than your competitors a high level of

I take an example below to tell you how to optimize the enterprise website, easy to understand;

No, the chain are the same;3,

4The advantages of

, a home page optimization:

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