11 Aug

A5 analysis of enterprise website marketing how to avoid the keywords of self competition

in fact, many large websites have already been doing so, but many small and medium enterprises do not, probably because they do not know the importance of this, may also be because they have never noticed this, but A5 marketing proposals to pay attention to the webmaster of this, in order to make the key words not self competition, in order to make better ranking some suggestions to improve the current self competition.

self – competitive disadvantage:

effective way to avoid self competition:

if a page target keywords my site is "aircraft", another page contains a "plastic aircraft", it should be noted that two pages have the target word keywords "plane", this time in order to avoid the target keywords self competition, I put with the "plastic plane" page the anchor text link to the "plane" and "plane" page. This operation can be completed in the text information, is very simple.

Figure Keywords

today mainly want to talk to you about some of the pages, a corporate website how to avoid the keyword self competition, it is an old topic, there are many people wrote, so also no one see. The afternoon of stationmaster communicate this problem in the group, said the website in some pages and because of the keyword and led to the emergence of keywords self competition. A5 marketing believes that this is one of the most frequent phenomenon in the information architecture of Web site design problems, including our own website also have such problem. There may also be a webmaster to the not very understanding, there are two pages of simple website, then the two page target keywords appear at the same time, when the page contains will allow search engines to select the most relevant page, resulting in keywords self competition.

usually in the optimization of enterprise website, may appear on a page two, three or four phrases containing the target keywords another page, can be used in content appropriate anchor text links to another page, so you can avoid the problem of self competition keywords. In addition, enterprises pay close attention to the webmaster suggestions for each page keywords, put some important keywords, can bring to the site, the flow of the target users and pay attention to the key words summed up.




when the target keywords appear identical pages on the corporate website, and will compete for their rankings, ranking after competition will reduce the internal and external link anchor text, keyword relevance ranking ability, eventually it will cause no good rankings of keywords. This is the keyword self competitive disadvantage, webmasters may not care about this phenomenon, many webmasters may also care about and make improvement. Of course, if to improve the situation, keywords ranking and other naturally better.

written in the last:

a simple example:

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