11 Aug

Love Shanghai algorithm upgrade will make links to the sale on end it

seems very convincing, but actually cannot withstand a single blow. We all know that a massive increase in the chain will let love Shanghai suspect website has a problem in the short term, but how many people would go against the competition? Price increase the number of the chain. The behavior of competitors do not, let alone increase Links spend high cash for the competition; when the links often appear in the there are many websites that single export link, this may be the search engine to determine the factors to buy links.


sells many links to the web site is news source site, like hanphone Shanghai, love weight is 7, the sale of Links home, hanging 200 links, a link to 100 yuan a month, hundreds of thousands of years in Shanghai; love will punish this kind of website? I know the situation is that the love of the declaration of Shanghai in November 5th, as of now, the news source website ranking did not change, hung a number of links. Because the news source website content is very important, very high quality, is expected to love.

on end?

love Shanghai will punish sell link

so, do not think that love will not punish Shanghai buy links, the reality is that there are now many buy black chain movie station punished, is energy-saving; to buy high weight links, I went to the sale of links to news source station seen above, many sites have no a guide love Shanghai weight, small website at any time without a sense of security.

Shanghai announced October 23rd when love will punish to buy links, many companies sell links or webmaster propaganda: although love Shanghai understand that the site to buy links, but if the site to buy links will be punished, then you directly to the rival network station to buy a large number of links, competitors will not be directly drop right? So, although know the website in Shanghai love to buy links or not easily punished site, especially the purchase of high weight website links.

sold the site into the black chain link and the common link, black chain is usually not the owners own sale, was sold after the invasion. At present, Shanghai has a black chain of love hanging website tips, if your website has prompted the search results will be prompted to this site may be invaded, such that in fact and right down to the effect is the same, will greatly reduce the website traffic. In addition, many of these are suggesting that the risk of website, actually does not get good rankings.

love Shanghai will punish links to buy

October 23, 2012, Shanghai first love announcement about upgrading hyperlink cheating algorithm, this algorithm mainly aims at upgrading the purchase link or release of a large number of links to the web site, if the site is suspected of cheating, may be subject to corresponding punishment; on 05 November 2012, Shanghai once again issued a notice to remind the sale of love will also hit the link. So, whether to buy or sell links, links, will be like Shanghai punishment, this will mean that links to the sale of


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