11 Aug

mprovement of enterprise website optimization follow love Shanghai new algorithm

: the first keyword density distribution. Most enterprise website is a main keywords, 2-3 keyword, keyword layout on the need for the website home page, title, Links, description. The following, layout method: home company profile section to add a keyword, keyword appears for the first time to be bold, anchor text links to the home page; Title: the main keywords will appear again, also can through the segmentation method in the keywords appear once, the common rules of the main keywords + keywords + enterprise name. Description: this specific business enterprise with a word, add a keyword layout 2-3 and can, must ensure that the description is a good sentence, a general description of not more than 80 characters, so as to display the full search engine.

with excellent development of the Internet, update the love Shanghai algorithm is more and more frequent, the enterprise website optimization competition is more and more big, the difficulty is also gradually increases. The enterprise station may only need to update the content webmaster idea, just do the chain, and keywords ranking is stable, but in the renewal of love Shanghai algorithm, most enterprise station K cloud smoke scattered, enterprise stand even if the keywords competition is small, but also to change the enterprise stand optimization, to timely follow a new algorithm of love Shanghai. Small examples to share with you.

second: website content update. The webmaster to make enterprise website will be included, will add "news" section on the home page, will update some industry news every day, basically with the company’s products Never mind much, this website construction to finally become news website, basically any information related to the user the product can not find in the web site. So, for the enterprise station updates, no need to update the contents of the website every day, the snapshot date of the new website is not set high weight, keywords ranking will be stable in front, the information page of the "news" section to use products and other products related to the corporate website to do it is to give the user information about the product, is the user wants to see, do not update the site every day, to ensure that the site has an update frequency, the spider will naturally to crawl sites according to the contents of this frequency, only the user love website, spiders will be more love.

fourth: Links exchange industry. The weight of Links transfer is the webmaster has been concerned, but there are many station >

third: regularly updated product information. Enterprises in the construction of the station early to upload product information, on-line operations when there is little wait for product information, traffic to the site, see the product is always the same, will cause the website traffic out of high rate, low degree of user experience. Enterprise stand optimization not only need to update the enterprise information, enterprise product information to update, regularly update about product promotion, upgrade and maintenance information, at least users can see different product information to the site, to see new things, can let the user viscosity is high, to avoid the loss of traffic.

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