12 Aug

Analysis of the causes of the site can not withstand the storm time is right down the total


is the brilliance of the mycea.cn every time as long as the update will appear the problem is very troublesome, see reason, routine inspection absolutely everything is normal: the latest snapshot of the chain is relatively stable in the first site home page included everything is normal, but why should it not do website ranking, the reason where is the

careful webmaster will find: to love Shanghai Sina Jingdong Tmall to some personal station enterprises do better things will have two inputs and are direct, hand can be said that the technology is also the talent on the other hand is hard things, including some hard things such as Sina said to fall in love with the sea advertising Tmall Jingdong have to spend money on Sina, you may want to say these are big companies, small companies? If a company a few authoritative news for soft promotion are not higher than the few self friends of the chain are not, so that the public website credibility weight reliability how to go up, then again, people do not believe that the network.

: operation technique

do not know the people rarely know the history of the site, the site from the site to now the Title Description changed a lot: the website changed the small changed several times: the site is K (lower right). Many times…… so many many times to prove that the site in the search engine’s mind credibility is not high, at least it is not enough to be called a trusted website, which can get a little lower — website credibility enough love Shanghai.

reason: a history of the sites

strange to say some sites don’t look like, not to mention what the user experience also don’t say what the original article, just a very ordinary website can even speak from the same person first, but why the fate of the site is different, in the face of this update destiny is often "love Shanghai flowers flowers open my heart I the gander" what is the reason?

this point has heard all understand, but for what specific operation so good why few people can answer, especially a novice answer the most simple problems is the most tangled, but for some old Adsense especially stayed in the network, the old owners, will understand general network company operation optimization Website Ranking stable phase is relatively stable ranking no ordinary company website, especially the website optimization company, especially the words about Shanghai dragon, the causes of these deep understand Buddhism, can only say that the nature of the network company determines the operating practices, whether you are to the customer or to make their own stand invisible will fall into this circle, and the circle can not be avoided, most can only be reduced, because the operation technique is actually Closely connected with a company culture company fry summary is: the nature of company operating practices.

: site into

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