12 Aug

Analysis of writing enterprise website optimization scheme of eight elements

four, the content of the website

website design mainly includes homepage navigation, navigation, vertical text, product pictures, contacts, etc. at the bottom of the text. Here Xiaobian remind, need to pay attention to the column directory name and folder name set up a website, can refer to a small series of station of Hunan Shanghai dragon column set, such as: Shanghai dragon correspondence "/jianjie"; "/fuwu"; the corresponding service project of Shanghai Longfeng institute corresponding "/ Xuexi"; Shanghai Longfeng experience correspond to /jingyan ".

good site outside the chain release plan, every where to send the chain, how many. If the site of the chain release resources of the best, if not much can be collected, competitor analysis statistics. The chain general release resources Sina, Sohu, love.

long tail keywordsThe long tail keyword

two, website templateThe template

enterprise website is generally determined to less than 35 is appropriate, enterprises need more time in the long tail keywords of the layout, such as from the user’s point of view to consider what clients in the search engine to search the content; what customers worry, care and concern; what customers often need to find content; what customers want to see content etc..

Six, The

website is: "title", "description", "keywords". The line on the website must do a good job of setting up, once on the line, if not necessary, it is best not to modify, especially title.

The design of three elements of the


website for the main content of frequency, quantity and content updates to the two aspects of the quality. Update the website without habit, regularly updated to allow search engines to crawl web content regularly. The content of the site quality is mainly the quality of the site, there are original, pseudo original, reproduced several. The higher the degree of the original content more friendly to search engine, the weight of the website promotion more help.

, a site locationThe

Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. Xiao Bian today to write nine factors should be considered the enterprise website optimization share. If an enterprise website do website optimization scheme, many factors will not friendly to search engines, and do not have a good promotion plan, the web site is easy to fall in love in Shanghai long time observation period and trigger Google sandbox effect. Small next from the following eight aspects briefly talk about how to write the enterprise website optimization scheme.

site outside the chain (reverse link resources)

five siteThree elements of the

of an enterprise should be on the direction of the company, the development of good positioning in its website before the same. For example, who is the site in the face of the customer; the main business area and the website keyword oriented website to determine.

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