12 Aug

Domain magical insight into rival marketing strategy

"Kung Fu", only through to the main competitor website love Shanghai domain query results by analysis, I found that the competition website although Shanghai dragon do not too good, but it’s news marketing consciousness is very strong, always looking for the bright spot, by making news topic the consciousness of authority, to attract media attention, uninterrupted news marketing, even Beijing, people贵族宝贝.cn, Sohu, Sina, Tencent are filled with a lot of it. The reports, other website reproduced more, it is not difficult to imagine, even if only confined to the site of Shanghai dragon’s point of view, this it also makes it have a high weight of the chain (although this is more pure text.) this is the same industry website, other incomparable great advantage.


Yunnan Shanghai dragon love Shanghai domain blog search results

here, everything seems to have the curiosity but smoothly done or easily solved, gouyn12 has spawned new problems: in the consciousness of the whole industry website of Shanghai dragon is not strong, the website of Shanghai dragon do not too ideal circumstances, why is the site of my friend (to operating the B2C e-commerce website for more than 9 years) regardless of brand awareness, sales of all aspects of the site as a domain of history only the competition website for more than 3 years of

third, in Shanghai know, Search ask in the strong love Shanghai SEM promotion (Tencent SEM promotion). Although love Shanghai know, Search ask above has become spam Information Center, but the real question above the general users are very strong professional needs, targeted Search ask the above SEM promotion in Shanghai know, love, is a target of.


a month ago, a B2C industry G e-commerce website for friends turn to gouyn12, I hope to put forward the site site optimization proposals and feasibility. After a few days on the target site and the competitor’s website to look carefully, I think, although the B2C e-commerce competition in this industry is very fierce, but in terms of the industry overall level of Shanghai dragon, each site of Shanghai dragon consciousness is not too strong, the website of Shanghai Longfeng do not too ideal, if the website of Shanghai Longfeng measures well, the site keywords ranking unremittingly, a great room for improvement.

second, I found love from Shanghai domain query results the main rivals, an important means to Gao Quanzhong unremittingly industry authoritative website submission is to create the industry well-known brands (for an industry B2C e-commerce sites, this promotion has far more meaning than the website construction of the chain narrow).

with such deep doubt, I for a few days on the main rival site were analyzed continuously.

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