27 Aug

Keywords excessive optimization and ranking accidental discovery

preferred to ensure update your site every day, the renewal of the original article, if some sites do not update the article every day, the light chain this method does not work. Keywords ranking is often you update the site, outside the chain, then love Shanghai weight, before ranking keywords suddenly up, the flow rate also increased, we want a way to these ranking keywords love Shanghai index, as far as possible on the first page. At this time not to rely on the rapid top, and the crazy hair chain.

We update the article every day >

2, pay attention to the important article in the chain, the chain said the importance of this article, if the chain is a lot of articles, but the site reserved very few words, will affect the ranking.

website is to send the chain, keyword can have a good ranking, but many people have found this phenomenon, a keyword ranking very front, after the hair every day dozens of the chain not only ranking but no shadow. This makes people very depressed, I often encountered such a situation, with slowly, gradually discovered, relatively Niubi ranking method, although can not guarantee that all rankings, but most of the.

1, first ensure that the website updated every day, we all know the importance of website updated website, best original article, content is king.

get reason high transaminase as an example, the word love Shanghai index is very high, at more than 50, then every day I send outside the chain, the diversification of the hair of the chain, persevere, now love has arrived in Shanghai ranked first page, so for the web site keywords I sum up a few points.

in hepatitis B virus carriers will be contagious for example is used in more than 20, the word love Shanghai index is very high, I want to push it to the first page, for it every day to do some outside the chain, the results of it, a few days later ranking no, ran to over 100 I only see light suddenly turned out to be too, push the word, leading to excessive optimization, I wanted to do to get the love of Shanghai that is natural optimization, the first is to give the word hit in the chain, then push a few day outside the chain, not much, is fixed. That is a day to push a few a few. Then don’t link has been playing the name, can be diversified, such as carriers of hepatitis B virus contagious? HBV infection, carriers will be contagious, do not deliberately go hit the links, a few days later ranked back to more than 20, although not to the first page, but I firmly believe that this will be able to the first page of the.

, 3 links: the more front of the article, the chain is not mad, for example the second page article ranking day can be fixed four or five the chain, and the second page third page, every day can be fixed around 10. Notice that the link is not deleted.


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