28 Aug

How to according to the single page website of Shanghai dragon optimization

effect will be better!

2: to leave the chain on the blog, there are a lot of free blog, in addition to the door apartment layout blog, and the blog community, we can in these.

with Taobao off hot, in order to make their products out of the site quickly, so many competitors, single page websites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, this is because the single page website Jianzhan simple, easy management, product promotion etc. in various ways, but it is because of this single page website construction the threshold is relatively low, so competition becomes very intense, so many sites were put into limbo! Visible if the single page website without proper Shanghai Longfeng, there is no way to get good rankings, for here we have to focus on how to according to the single page web site of the Shanghai dragon

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1: forum to post top stick, if it is a large forum, such as the Shanghai A5 forum Post Bar love, there is a large portal forum, we can in the BBS signature bit, then is affixed to the top, the top post, usually when the paste may let you of the chain stay post! Unless your level is relatively high, otherwise it is difficult to stay outside the chain of


: a lot of single page website images more, such as slimming products, meat products of Taobao left screw off site are a lot of pictures occupy a lot of space, so that the site open speed not to say, the search engine is not very friendly, so we in the construction of a single the pages of the site, to avoid as much as possible the use of images, make web pages more concise

three: the inside pages of the link between optimization, although the single page web page is not a lot, but with the increase of the content of the site within the chain will become more and more, this time will be in the chain of the site is very good optimization, to ensure the link to death was not found in the website inside. At the same time also set up 404 pages, to prevent the spider turn out inside the site, which is very unfavorable for the website, not wait a good spider, spider is will give you a snitch, finally will give you the website ranking to


two: website content update, a single page website is some introduction of the product, does not exist and the update said, this is a single page website do taboo, in fact we can open up a column in a single page, specially published an article in the single page becomes the front page and the article page so, the site is also very simple, only need to add a background paper on the line, can even add the function to front, so we can make love every day Shanghai spiders to climb up your website, the content of course with the update of the original is best, if there is no original. Make some false original is a good

four: the chain optimization, this is a very important link, this will introduce some kinds of methods of the construction of the chain to everyone, hope to be able to help you understand


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