30 Aug

Web site included from 300 to 7760 is not a leap is a matter of chance



website, is the webmaster do the primary problem, because the weight is low, the new moment of quality problem, or update frequency and other factors hindering the progress of the web site included, Guangzhou logistics network too early because of problems included, blamed by others and doubt, because they have their own views and opinions, and even for some do not know much about Shanghai Longfeng people see is the result, even can be ignored, starting from the first day on the line, Guangzhou logistics network only included an article, and this situation persisted for about 1 months or so, although much criticized, but his heart was still clear, the website do enough place it is only a matter of time, solve the website

two, the update frequency is not very high but must adhere to

included 1 home from the first day of the Guangzhou logistics line, and then continued for 1 months, slowly through the observation period of love in Shanghai, included gradually increased from 1 to 200 to more than 300, the day Shanghai has a small update website directly from the more than 300 to the 7760 leap, for the big leap of the web site included, I think this is not a matter of chance, in the process, to experience the hardships and stand hard to share with you today, the new station is how to spend it collected from three aspects! I think we can start talking about:

for the website to update, many webmaster headache is one thing; because of the problem of execution, hindering the pace of development of the website. For the update, I think we can choose to update a period of time, do not see some good articles to the site inside the hair, so no regular updates will make the search engine spiders love Shanghai very afflictive! I think we can arrange some good articles, first set up the search in a folder, or directly in the background, Guangzhou logistics network is to use the back of this way, the fixed time every day to review the website a few articles, so that their station update easier

love Shanghai now for the website quality requirements are increasingly high, generally directly copy the content of the others, has been very difficult to make love to you in Shanghai included, even included will be removed, want to have ranking that is more impossible! For the quality of the article, I think to write out not a word is a good article, because if you are not familiar with the logistics industry for it, is to write out what articles; this pseudo original is a good method for Guangzhou logistics network, pseudo original method I will be merged into a few articles. And then add their own words, and no articles are inserted into a picture, pictures of the way, I think this way will let users love, from the perspective of user browsing, if there is a picture on the inside The surface, it will allow users to have a pleasant mood, and are more likely to let users understand

three, the station.


, the pseudo original must be false in place


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