3 Sep

The sharing of experience quickly solve the website pages not included skills

the content of the web site included and otherwise affect our optimization of long tail keywords progress. First, in website optimization, content pages do not include most of the reason is because some of the key factors affecting the index page crawling spider, also may be the quality of the content is not up to the search engine included standard, such as collection content, low quality content, high similarity content, is not conducive to the spider crawling, page frame no more ALT tag pictures, FLASH and so on, will affect the page collection. Then the page is not included, for it is not feasible, to take the initiative to find reasons to solve this problem, it will not let the site for a long time only included and not included in the page’s dilemma.



content, 3. Now the search engine is very concerned about the correlation between the site elements, the same content also needs to have the overall site and correlation can be search engine think your site content is not optimized for added, but in reality for the sake of users, the correlation content is actually very easy to see, such as the Shanghai dragon type the site will increase Shanghai dragon aspects to obtain the search engine’s favor, and the movie will increase the movie information.

1. The general quality of the search engine will determine the content from three aspects, 1) have high similarity with their contents in the database. 2) the contents of the layout, general search engine can analysis paragraph typesetting, we can see from the snapshot. 3) content sharing reprint rate, this is to let the search engine is the most easy to determine a reference factor of the quality of the content. If the content of your site are in line with the three aspects of it, then you have a chance of being content search engine included.

the operation of the line half a year, has been only included and not included in the page, as shown in figure

The quality and content of A site The correlation between

2, the layout of the content. You’ve all heard structure, and heard the content also needs to layout, according to the actual analysis of these days, the contents of the layout is also very important, such as whether to use the H1 tag content title, content abstract content, keywords layout, inside the chain set up planning. And these are an important part of the layout of the content, as long as do these can let the spider more easy to determine which is the main, which is assisted by modification.

second page structure to the spider crawling can.

is one of the key reasons first content page is not included, we all know that the search engine often regard themselves as an ordinary visitor in the site, they will naturally have their own judgment on their own rules of content quality, similarity etc., for low quality, high content of natural similarity is not included we can, from three aspects to analyze whether the content will be included in the standard search engine included:


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