4 Sep

Shanghai dragon e-commerce website promotion strategy

is the second for nationwide publicity, after the promotion of the region, we will promote the transfer to the promotion of online from the line, after all, the consumption capacity is certainly greater than their city, but also a lot of effort required, the promotion of the national area I used to search engine marketing, email marketing, forum marketing blog marketing, and QQ group marketing, this is a common marketing method, the method is the most practical, of course, this is not sufficient funds for the owners, if sufficient funds invested a large amount of words can be considered fully advertising to get traffic and orders. Search engine marketing is Shanghai dragon, if the free flow can through the search engine to the course is very good, the key is free; if my email marketing is through some occupation e-mail marketing company to help us on behalf of, after all they have a group we have no resources, such as active mailbox, mail server and so on. I choose to send the e-mail is 20-30 year old female, this part of the women have more online shopping snack ideas; if I choose the Marketing Forum Forum Tianya forum, mop forum that female female targeted forum, of course, is attached to ID delete the probability is very high, of course, if you can write articles let the webmaster can’t see advertising words can get very good flow click; blog marketing is mainly to establish some blog promotion, such as Sina blog, QQ space, so Hu blog, as well as the now popular micro-blog marketing is a good plan, I’m working on micro-blog now, often hear people say how much effective customer through micro-blog marketing, my heart also itch; QQ group marketing words is more simple, I believe we all know. If the use of these free marketing programs, and of course the most important thing is to insist, then soon your site soon run up >

with the development of e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, the number of online shopping continues to grow, many webmaster fought in the electronic commerce battle, I want nothing more than, after they started the construction of a snack sales site after first considering Zuosi, funds, small food prices will be low, because the money is not at hand abundant, so some cheaper to sell snacks.

first, we first discuss the city for their own marketing strategy, sales for snacks, I put the customer base in women 20-30 years of age, and office workers, female demand for snacks much more than boys, so I put all customers positioning in the female side, workers if the funds will be relatively more adequate, and to go to work when the snack is a lot of working women in the habit, so I organized a group of leaflets, just send to the city office, of course, now the snacks competition is quite large, not their own advantages if it is difficult and other snacks network competition so, in the area of consumption, I have full 49 yuan free postage delivery, so the effect is quite good, not only saving the postage, and can get a snack on the same day, very popular with those who go to work Family of women of all ages.

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