6 Sep

The voting principle and the practical operation of the search engine

The basic principle of

The basic principle of


, a vote

4. votes

is that we vote, if our website or page is E, five sites have purple vote for us, the more sites to our website or page link to vote, we have obtained the vote value is higher, we vote value and the weight of the website can be proportional to the.

sometimes we do link is not a valid vote, such as a nofollow tag links, micro-blog search and ask the 302 jump links through the JS file package link, so everyone in the link time should pay attention to this point.

for voting principle we need to have the following several points:

The relationship between

2. with the domain name of the page

in a domain is all pages of subordinate relationship between all the pages belong to this domain, a domain name to join this cheating, all pages this domain will be punished, as if it is the top-level domain name by the two domain name so the punishment will be affected. Between the sub domain and sub domain is not affecting each other, participate in the ranking is based on the page as a unit and punishment is the domain name as a unit.

invalid vote


3. is there

vote in our daily life is often encountered, big and small, choose the best electoral votes, the one most is to win, and in the search engine we know the huge website is like a net, the website is to link between the mutual contact and transfer.

is not just a vote to vote, he is to have a range of values, such as if.

search keywords will appear ten results, ranking may have a home page, directory page, page, in this case, the above is a matter of the home page, the directory page or inside pages we treat them as a page instead of a website, so that we can get in our website the chain is also belongs to the category of voting principle.

Whether there is reasonable

1. is the smallest unit in ranking page

voting principle is we often refer to the words in the search engine optimization, polling the anchor text chain of keywords, quality content for the website credit degree of voting, Links each site voting and so on, these are we often see the vote, we know the good vote on our website keywords ranking is helpful the first, we want to study what is the basic principle of search engine voting rules, then we can know the principle according to the principle of relative to the actual operation, including the chain, the chain operation and so on, today to share a few search engine content voting principle.

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