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Forging based optimization how to make the construction site within the chain of excellence

two: related optimization

Optimization of

do not underestimate the role of navigation, structural design if not reasonable, could make the site down right buried hidden dangers, such as: SITE is not in the first, most factors.



navigation of weight.

first, we must understand the web site chain optimization optimization needs in the end what. Optimization of some links can be all over, and some of the optimization link needs to take a good care of every step. How to quickly improve the efficiency in the chain optimization are as follows:? Our understanding of

: the chain description text optimization

related articles have what use? The meaning is not only a reference for users to more things, more important is to get a similar article classification, strengthen the relevant document. With the classification, the formation of a topic in the search engine rules, the stronger correlation between the links, more likely to improve the weight optimization of keywords. On the other hand is to reduce the user out of the site, search engines also have the weight division in this respect. Good classification, not only can let the website retain more users, but also enhance the search engine from the perspective of user experience and give the weight of the website, we Why not?? and TAG tags are also similar, are optimized to enhance the long tail word and page belongs to the article after filing.

How to enter the excellence?

content in the description text is an important component of Pangdanei chain construction, so there are skills?, chain description text, most of the webmaster make a common text description page: URL. As a result, only a single promotion website home page link to a specific keyword in the search engine rankings, but the site overall weight lifting is greatly reduced. Through the observation of "love Shanghai" itself, we can find that the more reasonable keyword text spread out pages link to the station. In many of the popular website long tail keywords, to enhance the overall weight of the site. But we do not love Shanghai, and if their weight low, in the chain description text more, then the weights assigned to each text will also be less. The binary network / He Guijiang, suggest stationmaster: each article, text description of not more than 5, the best defined as three, an important text description head home page links, several other text is used for the construction of the chain long tail word.

search engine ranking list? Many people think, as long as the good external chain, content update, it will be the cumulative weight up. In fact, this is indeed a very fruitful way, but it is "no way", the intention completely and the Shanghai dragon optimization rebellious intention. Binary to say here is that want to improve rankings, website optimization, do basic optimization, essential, and efficient optimization methods make it easier to multiplier effect. So how to make the construction of the chain of the site within the

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