7 Sep

About those old teeth drop not logical

Behind the

https://m.baidu贵族宝贝/#|src_ a push QQ space division |sa_ib

links in different terminals, different browsers and other channels, search link words, try to link diverse.

https://m.baidu贵族宝贝/? Ref=www_ptl& ms=1& rsv_pq=16698604259583716659& rsv_t=>

simulation, trajectory retrieval of the user, and then quantify it.

logic on the search path simulation user manual intervention drop show.

https://m.baidu贵族宝贝/s? Word= Alex push micro-blog division & ts=7534992& t_kt=0& ie=utf-8& rsv_iqid=4184933859& rsv_t=73d3f5bL3VqgmsQspLbzGSgxvcjp7ltOnNZXslL03FlswBdVQIFm& sa=ib& rsv_pq=4184933859& rsv_sug4=3478& amp; ss=101& inputT=1663

one hundred million users search words — > engine; refining high retrieval word > update the recommended word database: > user initiated > search engine; dynamic call database contains user recommended word retrieval words or words.

1, link.

drop (recommended words), artificial rainfall

link words: Eric push QQ space division, a force pushing micro-blog division, a push light weight rainbow community.

: a push

search word Keywords

drop, with skill, logic.

in engine based on dynamic user belongs to, for containing the keywords in the database, from large to the order of rows to the user, is convenient for the user to do fast selection, to improve retrieval efficiency.

suffix word: QQ space division, micro-blog division, rainbow light weight loss community

https://m.baidu贵族宝贝/#|src_ a push light weight Rainbow Community |sa_ib

(recommended words), so the drop-down definition of

search engine through the user’s search habits, according to the size of the search index, in order from big to small, from top to bottom, show to the user, to remind the user how to organize language, or Lenovo user defined demand, user-friendly and efficient retrieval.

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