8 Sep

The details easy to overlook the enterprise website in Shanghai Dragon

in our web page, at least need to do an article on the next article, but this is not enough, we need to put in the content >

1, marketing for the enterprise website architecture

first a point for the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is very important, is to build enterprise website marketing, internal links start we need to do an article on the web site structure, this is actually not we say, because many of the enterprises have the most professional Shanghai dragon, their requirements on the structure must be considerable attention and reasonable, but it is not necessarily the most reasonable to users, open our website to see, how much is the template type website, how many websites simply introduces the information of the company. Perhaps someone will say, simple is the most classic, but now more and more customers to choose simple, can not meet the requirements of customers, from a marketing perspective, we need to introduce the site within their own products and advantages, and introduces the smart enough contact on each page, covering the best contact the way, QQ, Wangwang, online form, and the need to guide the link building, such as product classification and the detailed search query tool, allowing users the fastest and most accurate to find the information you want, this is a good website.

has been formed for a corporate website, we can change too many things, also asked us not to make changes greatly to the website, the specific reasons I do not introduce more, but we must pay attention to the construction of one accord with user search habits in the internal web site. As I will in general in the content page and add "related article" module, let each user to enter the site in the search, the amount of information about the encounter was not enough problem, let him turn to another page for more information. We also want to recommend some key products and services on their own initiative, so in the article page can set the "recommended article" module, allowing users of our products and services are more likely to accept.

2, in line with the user search habits in one

enterprise website Shanghai Longfeng, especially we should optimize well within the chain guide structure inside, let each page of the web site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization point to improve the weight of each other, make a web site in the view of marketing to enhance mutual website stickiness and conversion rate, but it is often easy to overlook the details of a people. Because we think we have such a website in their psychology, so there is no what.

In fact,

stand for the enterprise, Shanghai dragon in the details of the master is very important, especially for many enterprises for website construction is not high, for the website internal optimization also relatively weak many, many companies simply find some website production company, took them to feel that most of the value of the construction of a low price the template type website, but I do not know is this kind of irresponsible attitude to optimize the work more difficult.

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