8 Sep

Shanghai Longfeng quietly entered the second stage

1, the entry threshold: around 2000, the rise of Internet cafes, driven by China network era. But at the time of training, but also is based on the computer typing, computer maintenance, computer application, provides a good foundation for the Chinese computer business. The next few years, the gradual rise of network programming, graphic design, training. From last year to this year, the Internet training is nothing more than the most fiery, Shanghai Longfeng, SEM, network marketing training. Shanghai dragon as an example, some training institutions, curriculum system, knowledge is complete, high authority, such as the famous A5 forum Shanghai dragon training. Some training institutions, curriculum system, but the majority of the students lack of practical experience, students need to own in the future Shanghai dragon groping. The most unbelievable is that recently in the city of Shenzhen, a network company, charges 3600, the training time is 3 days. The pie a lot of training institutions valued formal training in Shanghai Longfeng, their own conditions and mature, also want to get a piece of.

with the network marketing continues to mature, Shanghai Dragon technology has been widely used and learning, let Shanghai dragon get almost all enterprises. After several years of practice in Shanghai Longfeng, now has formed a unique rule, and with the search engine algorithm change. Can not be denied in the next N years, Shanghai dragon will still flourish,

from Shanghai Longfeng current situation:

2, information chaos: it is now Shanghai dragon like training becomes more and more serious, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners level is not consistent, from the collection of pseudo original to become fashionable for a time, and the mass of the chain, let many people earn violence, where caused by Internet information becomes chaos. Many years ago, a lot of technical personnel can be in love Shanghai, Google find a satisfactory answer, your love today, with sea search out are some of Shanghai Dragon Medical Advertisements! As readers, now the Internet is very difficult to find their satisfactory answer, just search a problem, is overwhelming in Shanghai Phoenix advertising. In this case, the search engine began to sweep the Shanghai dragon, causing later the K station event.

3, search engine, search engine from the point of view, (1) the Internet is full of these meaningless to users of advertising, has the responsibility to clean up, do not rule out the opportunity to suppress Shanghai Longfeng practitioners (2) many small and medium-sized enterprises have chosen to do Shanghai Longfeng, hurt their interests

based on the above analysis, this is perhaps the Shanghai Dragon into the second stage. So Shanghai Longfeng practitioners only to adapt to the development of the Internet, continue to progress, constantly adjust their own ideas. "Information" has become the core of the competition, who can provide the most valuable information for the Internet, is likely to surpass others, get enough development space. On the other hand, may be eliminated. Of course, do not rule out the winner with the black hat Shanghai dragon means the world, good and evil coexist, "the" word pledge, must have.

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