9 Sep

Noble baby analytical webmaster tools let you know more about your site

Detailed analysis of


1, is the first to see the console, the console is displayed on the right of information, of which three are know to our attention, one is the links pointing to your site, this is somewhat similar to the Yahoo chain. But this than Yahoo trans reflected quickly. The second is to grab this error, you can prompt the website of the dead link, if you site is dead links, you can see here, the third is the site map, not HTML format map, but the site map XML format.

three, the website on the Internet

, there must be a noble baby webmaster tools account.

two, web site configuration

noble baby webmaster tools, is a powerful tool for the webmaster, I believe that many owners have been using it to observe their own website, but there are also some owners also do not know how noble baby webmaster tools to say, or is heard, but do not know how to use, today I will together with you learning.

2, then is the point of open web site configuration, see Sitemaps, crawler access, Web links, change of address, setting, URL parameters such as the information, including the Sitemaps, is the above mentioned site map, so much here to explain. Crawler access, is an interesting tool, if your site has a robots protocol, but do not know who is on the screen is wrong, you can just here for test. Change of address, is that if you want to change the domain name, then here before the domain name change here.

if you want to use noble baby webmaster tools to know your site, you must first register a noble baby Webmaster Tools account, the account registration number, just add your site to the noble baby webmaster tools, and then verified, these steps are Ok after the start, noble baby webmaster tools journey.

1, open the web site, you will see the search query, links, keywords, internal links, statistical information and other information users subscribe to your site.

in through the verification, enter the administrator tool background, click the URL you add, will officially enter the site administrator tool background. In the background, we can see the console, site configuration, network website, " on the left; noble baby +1" index, fault diagnosis, laboratory and so on, which is what we want to know some of the commonly used tools, now let’s explain.

is a search query, the user search keywords in the search engine, to your site search volume, only more than 10 will be shown here; as for the links pointing to your site. "

Detailed analysis of

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