9 Sep

On the three core factors of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

the use of their own advantages to flexible chain web site

enhanced the quality of the chain and the stability of

has been advocating the original content, love Shanghai, the search engine is love original thing, after all, every day to the original content can not meet the safety of website content, website for example there are many races in the country, while others are hiring a reporter, in addition to the pseudo original method is webmaster can with the acquisition, also is more commonly used method, if you really want to have quality content, webmaster should learn the original, every day to write a submission to create the chain, basically meet this, but if it is large.

One of the important factors of the The

chain is also crucial in the ranking, website promotion at the same time, even the owners through the purchase of the chain resources to get their site outside the chain construction, while the construction of the chain many owners ignore some small problems, such as in some almost new forums outside the chain, so the effect is not very good, the best we can publish in the release within 24 hours after collection of the site, it can immediately increase the chain effectively for the web site. In addition we have seen the increase of the chain method and soft writing submission, soft writing submission can through the audit, there will be a lot of stationmaster are collected and reproduced, so better speed and effect of the chain.

website is the chain of internal links of your site, the chain is conducive to effective browsing when reading the link, click on the site of the increase in the number of PV, and can make the reader in reading time can continue to follow the direction of reading other content, then we should be how to do the chain webmaster, below the author to share, there are many good methods within the chain, like everyone to write a series of articles, will put on a chapter written at the beginning of the link, then the link station is the same, is to use the similar contents or related content of chain to connect them, but I observed some non Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, or that the Shanghai dragon does not understand to the webmaster for internal links is not very good, some owners not even on the site The construction of the chain, thus missed the use of Shanghai dragon, so everyone in the chain optimization, the associated keywords within the chain of internet.

has a fine quality content

study of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster all know to do Shanghai Longfeng, outside the chain within the chain + + content is the biggest influence factors of ranking, today I will share how we should do the work in the Shanghai dragon intense today, with Shanghai dragon optimization ranking of the site is almost a necessary step in the development of weapon, and many webmaster in optimize when the method is correct, but the effect is not very good, so wasted a lot of time and effort, today I share some insights into the understanding of Shanghai Long Fengzhong recently learning to share, although these problems have been said, but I think or say to share.

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