9 Sep

The image tag ALT and title attributes function

whether the Shanghai dragon or the website construction, this is the middle of a lot of people on the picture with alt attribute or title property, and then how to use, very confused, not clear. The Changsha Shanghai dragon came to talk about their role and how to use it, so you know what the time spent.

property of the title, when the mouse on the picture will show the title attribute inside the text, the official definition of the title attribute is annotated image links, but when a picture there is no link, we also need to use the title attribute, which is related to the user experience. Changsha Shanghai dragon I think the title attribute is for the user experience, not what role for Shanghai Longfeng, some people say that he can also increase the keyword density, which I beg to differ, because the search engine does not recognize this property, from the Shanghai statistics Shanghai dragon love advice can be seen. What time to use the title label? When the pictures have links to the use of such users when this picture will display the text, the user can according to the text to determine whether the page load is of interest, reduce useless page loading. When the picture without the link, at the same time beside the pictures without text title or text title for a long time that is not all, we also need to use the title attribute to tell the user what is this picture. The title property for the user experience and no mistake.


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In this paper,

alt attribute is to a comment effect on the picture, now the search engine on the picture to read function is limited, when we want to tell the search engines what this picture is when you use the alt attribute, at the same time for the Shanghai Phoenix is also very good, can increase a proper keyword density (avoid keyword stuffing). In fact, when you use some Adsense tools, you will be prompted to page how many pictures with no ALT attribute. Recent statistics suggest love Shanghai Shanghai dragon inside will detect this, as can be imagined the alt attribute is a lot for the Shanghai dragon role.

here, all of these two attributes should be the role of the picture is very clear, the alt attribute plays a role for Shanghai dragon, title property to improve the user experience. What are the time? ALT property without a doubt, there are pictures of the places to be used in the alt attribute; the title property can not use in one case, the picture is not linked, and the pictures have next to text, this time not to make an unnecessary move tells the user what this picture shows.

on the two property here, it is now more than nine o’clock in the evening, wash down to prepare to see "dumping the world Princess", this TV good Oh, you have time can also see, we hope you continue to support Chen Hequn Shanghai Longfeng blog.


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