10 Sep

Search engine optimization of external links

external link building is an integral part of the website of Shanghai Phoenix, is an important factor in enhancing a website ranking. In order to increase the weight of the website a lot of people frantically to release the chain. However, the chain is the chain of garbage and high quality of the chain, and not your hair every link is a very good effect on the website. Here I share personal attention outside the chain.

chain because of the better

June love Shanghai big update, K dropped a lot of pregnant women skin care category keywords website, I found that I love Shanghai a stick and killed a group, because these sites are exchanged Links, and most of the friends of the chain up to 50. These sites may have their own problems, which belongs to the low quality of the site, perhaps only one super low quality sites affected them. Although everyone says Links should not be more than 50, but I think for the station, Links should not more than 20.

many people building the chain around a few sites, is actually a misunderstanding. The search engine chain weight level is widely considered one of the domain name, the chain is equivalent to "vote", you said a city people elected you mayor authority or all the people you choose is the natural authority, "vote" sources more widely, search engine.

station to see some big website ranking in front, check the chain when they find it very amazing, there are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of, the resulting misunderstanding, thought the chain construction better, think outside the chain of more high ranking. The chain of quality points, to the site with the chain is not much, in essence.

should pay attention to the quality of a chain, if you are having sex in Shanghai keywords ranking, Shanghai will focus on love weight, if you do Google keyword ranking is pr. But to see the development speed of the other site, whether there is a promising prospect, the low weight of the site is also worth considering.


2. to avoid spam links. Spam links is of no value, such as a forum post no text, only a large number of links or anchor text. So whether post or replies do not just make a word type irrigation. In addition the use of advertising links garbage outside the chain of Fillmore group forum.

1. chain in essence. Your website is not released all the chain for you are favorable, the chain platform should choose some weight high old station, the site of the search engine is the authoritative station. Therefore, the quality of the station outside the chain is high in authority, bring higher benefits to your website.

A lot of

Links should not be more than

correlation is also very important. If you are searching for high quality Links to (some even willing to spend lots of money to buy) can set the keywords anchor text not related, that is a tragedy, no related words is not much good for ranking.

In addition

domain name is widely

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