10 Sep

Sogou WeChat search on-line public platform

it is understood that since the Tencent shares Sogou, Sogou search has full access to QQ, QZone, mobile phone QQ browser and other application scenarios, and gradually Tencent social relationships chain into related products, the Sogou search and increase market share has played a great role in promoting.

Tencent strategic investment Sohu Sogou search, then a month waterside pavilion. Yesterday, Sogou search officially launched the "WeChat public platform search, Sogou search at the same time, future will be combined with Tencent QQ products such as mobile phone.

the same time, Sogou Sogou search on-line version of iOS App, WeChat public platform search has become one of the main highlights. According to reports, Sogou search will serve as the exclusive domestic millions of WeChat public resources data access number of the search engine, and puts forward the "universal search" and "WeChat public search platform, comprehensive coverage of the web, WeChat and other forms of media search engine.

In addition to the PC

search love Shanghai, Alibaba acquired UC browser, and the Tencent strategic investment Sogou, the BAT in the field of mobile search will start a full-scale war. (reporter Qi Lin Qu Zhongfang)


Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said: "WeChat search on-line public platform, is the crystallization of Sogou deepening cooperation with Tencent." WeChat search public platform has become a unique symbol search Sogou, the future will be combined with the mobile phone QQ and other products for the integration and innovation of the scene.

is not difficult to see, connected by Sogou search, Sohu to a certain extent by Tencent. At present, with the rapid expansion of the scale of mobile search users more than 500 million, the market environment gradually mature, the major Internet giants have accelerated the pace to enter the mobile search layout.

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