11 Sep

Enterprise stand Optimization the search volume but competition small keywords to find


railway station, how to identify high quality keywords to get traffic


collection and website content related keywords. In the major search sites, to find the site useful articles, looking for available materials, such as the use of love Shanghai in search of some associated with the keyword of the website. Then the data classification of these collected, collated into a lattice database to give the corresponding name. Let the site can be compatible with better on these words. Some of our experiences today is to find keywords to share content.

there is a kind of high quality keyword search volume, but the competition small keywords, how do I find the keyword

1. find some valuable keywords

has always been convinced that the customer can represent the value of the site, if your client on your station is not cold, your station value does not exist, I stand so often do, to pay attention to every customer to click on the word of heart hard, some words have double click, the annual price also higher than cpi. So some high click words I want to through their own efforts to do up the rankings, but these words have been booked a station, all new station or find another new word! Here is a method to find high quality of their own.

if our webmaster is looking for a English training institutions, is your site target user, you may use what kind of keywords to search. I will take out some common keywords of your site: think of the word "Xiamen" spoken English training "Wiebe English", "Xiamen English training institutions which are good", "Xiamen English training institutions", and then took out a pen and paper to make a list. Go to love Shanghai inside the index to check how his daily search volume. Here we must note that the best choice of time width of half a year or 1 years. From the figure you can see, "Wiebe English spoken English" most searched, almost 4000+, such a good word, the competition is very low, directly related to the "Xiamen English training" and other words, the average daily flow of about 120, nearly one hundred and eight thousand, in addition to other training institutions can query the index. A brief analysis, the word "Wiebe English English" the largest flow, compared to the "Xiamen English training" competition "

enterprise website has never looked at how to promote the company’s website, flow, enterprise website promotion station to yourself is you, what would you do?



Enterprise Station Optimization: the search volume, but the competition small keywords to find. (Shanghai dragon master Piaoguo, rookie.

enterprise website started optimization, executives do not know how to choose keywords, competitive advertising bombardment, you do not want to find out your opponent has large flow keyword without notice is you? How would you do?

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