11 Sep

Comprehensive analysis of search engine ranking

the first thing I would say is a field site relevance, importance and authority. Three may the core of all the It is quite common for, is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But we do when the site really care fully rarely, we need to get the three points in mind, always remind myself to this approach in the optimization process, and ultimately achieve the goal. We want to know which factors affect website ranking:

nine: links to the source web site overall link popularity;

eighth: use the keyword page text in

The degree of correlation analysis among

third: the whole website link authority;

second: import link anchor text;

fourth: age

here we want to introduce some concepts, look at the search engine is how to determine these factors, I have little talent and less learning may introduce relatively simple, we can try to understand. The main point is three: document analysis, semantic analysis, and link analysis. When a keyword search information when users search, the search engine will be through the document analysis and semantic analysis to determine the content of index database it will appear in the search results, judging by what the page content and link analysis ranking, to get better ranking. This is the fundamental goal of Shanghai dragon Er: index ranking.

The core of the three point

listed above nine points, we can look at what you have done is not good, which is doing better, and you didn’t notice the place, can try to improve myself and make a summary.

file analysis and semantic web sites and can determine the extent of the content, how complex, is not valuable.


fifth: website internal link popularity;


sixth: import link relevance;

search engine how to distinguish these factors:

The first point:

seventh: link popularity website in related topics in the community;

you Shanghai dragon friends contact Shanghai dragon so long, also saw a lot of people to write articles, there are a lot of highly professional articles, there are a lot of practical content. Which we have been concerned about this problem and is also in trouble, for this problem to find the answer, that is the search engine ranking problem, we do not put aside the optimization of marketing that are in the pursuit of high ranking and flow, this is the fundamental purpose to do optimization, in order to achieve this is Shanghai dragon Er to think a lot of ways, it is not to discount the means. Through the first half of this time I also have to do a simple accumulation and summarization. Here is one for everyone to share.

site title tag keyword;

search engine ranking factors:

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