12 Sep

Love Shanghai how to check Google snapshot time can use it

snapshot of the problem here, of course we can be interested in the use of Senior Citizen Search, at least not for harassment, we feel that



said that although Google has been unable to access, but some friends because of the special of the website also needs access to Google, for such problems, how do we solve it? Of course, a friend said the wall can be accessed. Then there are other methods for this problem before? Guard Yuan Kun also mentioned.

or sentence: we encounter the problem is not a problem, because some people have encountered and solved. If you have a problem you can love all sorts of strange things, Shanghai looking for the answer. You can also turn to universal users. I believe we can find a satisfactory answer.

there is market demand, the demand for all of Google, there is a magical site of Shanghai Google search together: love. 贵族宝贝bai noble baby du贵族宝贝/.


did?For the love of Shanghai

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universal users always solve the problems such as strange and eccentric, have asked the friend in the group today: love Shanghai cancel snapshot of time, we have no method to check the snapshot time. Then a friend posted love Shanghai Senior Citizen Search: 贵族宝贝123.baidu贵族宝贝/.

said that although the base station groups in reducing, more and more friends playing micro-blog, WeChat and other mobile Internet products, but overall there are millions of giant base station. In this group there are still concerned about the vast majority of friends love Shanghai, because the search engine is one of the main source of traffic sites. Love Shanghai March 6th announcement that the snapshot time has been cancelled, the owners didn’t say what relationship, have said there is affected, and the lack of a basis for determining the.

Internet has become more and more intelligent, because of the Internet and the upgrading of products, many of the functions we have slowly can not be used. Like the QQ one-way problem, we still remember the QQ can be friends with yourself? Of course it is past, today still love Shanghai and Google Guardian yuan Kun to say.

April 9, 2009 love Shanghai launched the world’s first special services to the elderly people’s search product. The medical and health website weather, the elderly commonly listed on the same page, click directly to find the desired content. Most importantly, guardian yuan Queensland found Senior Citizen Search not for show, we think of what

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