12 Sep

Love Shanghai alliance label cloud advertising by the merchant into the search page page for polymer

are in advertising, so why change will improve the user experience, a lot of friends may be very puzzled. But we do not.

recently I found from many sites advertising click tag cloud is no longer jump to before business information aggregation page, but directly transferred to love Shanghai general search page, this page has more than two auction search results. That is to say the user from the common website click on the tag cloud advertising, equivalent to the user in the love of Shanghai home enter a keyword for this tag cloud on advertising.


in the middle of the domestic grassroots webmaster, most recognized by everyone or two big Internet giant advertising products, is the world’s largest search engine Google alliance and Google’s largest search engines love Shanghai’s love of Shanghai alliance. The former is usually a lot of grassroots Adsense used because no record can apply for and the price is relatively reasonable, and the latter is everyone to choose to use the same in addition to price is relatively reasonable and is more in line with our operating habits.

, from the business information aggregation page directly to the search page, the user experience is improved.


for many grassroots Adsense, our main source of income is advertising, why? Because we like to do grassroots web site scale was relatively small, and even if we have the original ideas for the operation is also very difficult to have some commercial channels to do something. At the same time, it is because we are relatively small, so our website advertising is very few businesses that direct investment, but through the so-called advertising alliance as an intermediary to advertising.

for the love of Shanghai alliance in the industry giants such made, to the grassroots webmaster or even all users may have a special meaning. Such a shift means what? Love Shanghai alliance, why make such a change?

Any adjustment of

custom tag cloud this form of advertising because of its size can be custom site managers, can be applied to different dimensions of advertising, so many sites have rapid application, of course website directory website I also use this form of advertising. The tag cloud the previous model is advertising, the user clicks on the ads in the common tag cloud on the site, and then enter the business polymerization page; at that time actually put the user to a small ads everywhere page, then if you are interested in the content will eventually open the promotion of business website.

I remember when I apply for

love Shanghai league from 2012, when to open the small station in addition to advertising network alliance and new business advertising, the so-called new business advertising is actually for the love of Shanghai alliance of large customers to promote more accurate, then the new business under the line advertising. Shortly after the advertising network alliance adds a custom which is called tag cloud form of advertising.


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