12 Sep

Li Xuepeng Z-BLOG add the bread crumbs navigation

first step: landing Z-BLOG background or FTP files b_article-single.html


, 4, Shanghai will have noble baby love breadcrumb into search results, so the optimal name breadcrumb navigation at every level, the use of multiple keywords, can optimize the Shanghai dragon.

story is a cup of Kazakhstan, but we must know that the breadcrumb navigation is doing, is to find a directory, back to the initial position. Then a breadcrumb appears in the website as shown:

a long time ago, at the edge of the forest there lived a poor woodcutter, his wife and two children alone with him. His son named Haensel, daughter named gelaite. Later, his wife died, he married a stepmother to children. The stepmother plans to put the two children to the depths of the forest, and then run away when they are asleep. Haensel accidentally know the stepmother’s plan, then secretly put a piece of bread in his pocket. On the way to the forest, and quietly crumbled his bread, when the ground is not stopped, the broken bread crumbs on the road. After successfully when the children are asleep, wake up, Hansel and Gretel is dark. Haensel comforted his sister said: "the sun comes out, we will see me the crumbs of bread on the ground, it will show us the way home." But when the sun rose, on the ground they couldn’t find a crumb of bread, they are those flying in the woods and fields on a little bird pecking.

3, provides a quick return on every level entrance, convenient operation.

Z-BLOG is not a breadcrumb default, today Li Xuepeng will teach you how to set up the bread crumbs navigation:

Z-BLOG content page navigation method:

1, allowing users to understand the current location, and the location of the current page in the website of.

second steps: open the file in Notepad:



as shown in figure CMS, many large sites or forum are above the breadcrumb like this, then a breadcrumb what


shown above my breadcrumb distribution in the content page and column page. How to modify the template to see this article:

may have friends will ask what is the breadcrumb navigation, so I give you a story:

2, reflects the hierarchy of website, can help users quickly learn and understand the content and organization, so as to form a good sense of position.

< > method to modify the generic templateToday I talk about

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