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nspired from shop No. 1 by the marketing strategy



"one of the chopsticks is easy to break, the ten chopsticks difficult to break" whether the individual owners or small enterprises, individual combat capability may be better than any big companies and the optimization of the team, but shuangquannandi four. In recent years, the increasingly fierce competition in all walks of life and many companies will expand the business and the development of the Internet as a personal webmaster position, more and more difficult to survive for a long term partner is very important, but do not like the Jingdong and Shentong part company each going his own way.

the customer is clear, it is necessary to solve the customer to buy from you instead of buying competitors at the value orientation. Think carefully about the impression of Lafite studio has three advantages: preferential prices, good service, good shooting technique. We must choose the positioning of the competition and lack of user demand, otherwise it will be difficult to grow.

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account is created in May this year, the studio site is new sites in the Xi’an area is very low visibility. At present the customer source: either friends, or the internet. Rely on a friend’s power is very weak because of a person’s life just a wedding, so the network is currently the focus of. The website optimization work has been basically completed, to break the bottleneck to self positioning, customer segmentation, brand building policy.

small, recently has been for a wedding photography website optimization, although the commitment to customers in Shanghai keywords basic love home, but the wedding photography industry is very competitive. Shanghai to promote the flow of basic love robbed, to the following day only a few IP, there is no way to explain to customers. Today, inadvertently, see an article about the 1 store marketing strategy as follows. Xiaobian feel after reading for the website optimization and click into place, with new ideas.

80, 90 will marry and have married the intentions of the user, the romantic and fashion trend of young love. So the promotion should be a goal for marriage forum and Xi’an local forum marriage rather than wide section.

In this paper,

prepared by the Xi’an personal portrait 贵族宝贝ilove-v贵族宝贝/ A5 first, thank you for reading. Please take the link from

so that I can learn from the No. 1 store marketing strategy to implement

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any enterprise or team is not perfect, we will walk as a rival and friend, use them to examine their own shortcomings and deficiencies, through the comparison of our advantages and better development. Companies do good, do it to Tian Ji horse to learn, maybe we are not as rivals overall is good, but for a strategy of success.

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